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Russian FAC certification

Certification Introduction

The full name of the Russian FAC is "Federal Communications Agency", which is the Federal Communications Agency of Russia. FAC certification is a wireless certification in Russia. FAC certification ensures that products installed or linked to public telecommunications networks comply with relevant Russian regulatory requirements. Almost all RF modules and all telecommunications products must obtain the FAC certificate to enter the Russian market.

FAC certification basic information
Whether mandatory: Yes
Applicant: Russian company
Local Representative: Yes
Certificate validity: up to 3 years
FAC certification has no special mark

Certification type

FAC certification and FAC statement
FAC certification is divided into two forms of declaration and certification according to the product category. The type of declaration is valid for 3 years, and the type of certification is divided into 1 year and 3 years (requires factory audit).
Several similar models, series or series can be specified in the FAC certificate;
Only a single model should be specified in the FAC statement-there are no series in the FAC statement, no series, no similar model.
Certification can be applied by a local company or a foreign company, but the declaration can only be declared by the locally registered company and submitted to the FAC for approval.

FAC modular approval
Manufacturers can approve telecommunication built-in modules or end-user equipment, which is not legally relevant. It depends on the choice of the manufacturer. But approving end-user devices is a better way. If the manufacturer only approves the module, in this case he must provide some legal and design information for any officer, customer (eg importer, customs clearance, etc.) of the end-user device including a fully approved module. Sometimes it can be difficult. If multiple models contain the same module, we can offer a discount for the registration statement.

Certificate information


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