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WHQL certification

WHQL certification introduction

WHQL is the abbreviation of Windows Hardware Quality Lab., Translated into Chinese is the Windows system hardware quality laboratory test certification program, referred to as WHQL certification. The laboratory mainly implements the windows logo program to verify the compatibility and stability of hardware products and drivers under the windows system.

WHQL certification process

First, apply for EV code signing certificate
The application for EV code signing certificate is mainly to create Azure AD account and submit test LOG. Microsoft requires that it must be EV code signing certificate from four CA companies: Entrust, Symantec, Digicert, globasign.

Second, apply for an Azure AD (Active Directory) account
At present, the Microsoft WHQL-certified website has been changed to, and the original has been suspended. Microsoft requires companies applying for WHQL certification to apply for an Azure AD account.

Third, hardware (or software) and driver do HLK, HCK test.
Microsoft's testing tools have been updated a lot. So far, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 still use HCK (Hardware certificate kit) version 2.1 for testing. Windows 10 uses HLK (Hardware Lab Kit) for testing, but the HLK version needs to be selected according to the Windows 10 version. Currently there are HLK 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809 versions. My experience is that Windows 10 1803 and below versions can be tested with HLK 1803 version. HLK 1809 version can only be used to test Windows 10 1809 and Windows server 2019. Not compatible with the following versions.

Fourth, the LOG that passes all the test items is packaged.
After the test is completed, the test results need to be packaged with HCK or HLK. The package suffix of HCK is called HCKx, while the package of HLK is HLKx.

Fifth, submit the test results to Microsoft for review.
Before submitting, you need to merge all the HCKx files and HLKx created previously. If there is a driver, you need to add the driver, and then create a new HCKx or HLKx file. Note that this creation needs to be signed with an EV code signing certificate. Submit the newly created HCKx or HLKx file to Microsoft for review through the previously created Azure AD account.

Six, waiting for Microsoft review
Microsoft's review cycle varies by product type. General products can usually be audited in about an hour, and some products, such as fingerprint readers, that require manual review by Microsoft require 2 days.

Seven completed
Microsoft approved, download driver digital signature catalogfile and Microsoft certification report. Companies in need can publish drivers to Windows Update.

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