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North test 2016 sports competition-basketball friendly match

Source of articles:Shenzhen NTEK Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Publication time:2020-01-10 Popularity:1899
In order to better promote the atmosphere of cooperation between the company and customers, enrich the staff's amateur life, and enjoy the pride of challenge potential and the joy of struggle in the competition, Shenzhen Beitest Testing Technology Co., Ltd. SEE ME HERE hereby organizes this sports competition basketball confrontation game. The game is divided into four sections. Each 12 minutes, the champion and participating players will receive very impressive prizes. Following the OB perspective detected by the North Test, we will report for you:

Go! Bika "Ball"

(Mental calculation: y = ax2 + bx + c) What I am after is a perfect parabola:

Pre-match tactical discussion:

Let's first discuss how to divide the next lower prize ...

The legendary "Dragon Beads"?

Kobe, you should learn my back

Brother, slow down! The camera can't capture your figure ...

Group photo after the game:

Strong man, let me do it first

friendship first, competition later

After an hour of bloody struggle, the game ended in passion and joy. Through this competition, the friendship between the two sides has been further consolidated, and the amateur life of the participating players has been further enriched, which also highlights the dynamic side of the North Test at any time! Beitest also fully utilizes this vitality to continuously improve the quality of service, and strives for customer satisfaction! At the same time, I wish SEE ME HERE greater achievements in the field of speakers.

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