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NTEk Phoenix Mountain Outdoor Development Activities Review

Source of articles:Shenzhen NTEK Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Publication time:2020-01-10 Popularity:579


    By warming the winter sun, Beitesting successfully held the Phoenix Mountain Outdoor Expansion Event “Near Nature and Fly in a Good Moment” on November 21st, aiming to enrich the amateur life of employees, strengthen the team awareness of employees, and enhance the company Cohesion. Here are the highlights of this event, please enjoy.


(一) Five-person six-foot competition

(二) Face to face balloon



(三) 4x50m relay race


(四) Tug of War



(五) Climbing competition




(六)Awards Highlights


Five-Six Foot Championship



Tug of war champions



4x50 Relay Championship



Mountaineering Championship


(七) Group photo



Passionate Red Team



Gorgeous Yellow Team



Blue team with a fresh smile



The dying green team


(八)Concluding remarks
     The success of this outdoor expansion event not only relieved the tension and pressure of the employees, enriched the cultural life of the employees, strengthened the team collaboration ability and the cohesion of the enterprise, but also demonstrated the vigorous spirit of the big family of Beitest . Looking forward to the next wonderful presentation ...

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