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NTEK2017 autumn training successfully concluded

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September 9, 2017 Saturday, South Australia, Shenzhen

If you don't go out, you will think this is the world. The world is so beautiful, why do you refuse to arrive warmly. The scenery outside the window was glorious, and all members of the North Survey set foot on the train to the Nanmu Sanmu Shinkansen Expansion Training Base, and started a one-day expansion training for all employees.


(Have you seen such a wonderful team competition?)

Dance articles

(The "laundry dance" taught by the coach, see who dances more charmingly?)


(Race against time, compete with yourself, the moment that is really moving, the team that is the most unsuccessful)

Group Photo

(Every training is a move, and every move comes from the shock of the soul.)

Good night

Employees' Whispers

The concept of mental banking is that you have as much output as you put in. I really invested almost 100% today, and I was very happy with the output. I dedicated my strength to this event. Many people were very impressed with me, and now my hoarse voice and red, dark skin. I hope to retain today's passion and moving in the future. Be a little sun and go where you go ~

——Lu Meijun

Although the weather is very tan, the skin exposed in the evening is tanned, but I am very happy to be with everyone. Being a captain in the event also allows me to strengthen my sense of responsibility and coordination. Thanks to the company for carrying out the activities, which made me new to the workplace more firm.
——Qin Yu

Did not do my best, just go all out! Although I was defeated for the first time in a high-altitude project challenge, I was frightened, but I must not give up just like that! I told myself silently in my heart: I will go all out to complete this task. There is nothing impossible that can't be done, I'm afraid it can't be done! So when the little friends were almost done with the project, I gathered my courage and went under the sky again. I believe I can, I can do it, and I will act for it! For the first time bravely crossed the empty interruption bridge. There was an applause immediately below the venue, and I knew it was an applause of encouragement and trust! Thank you my friends! The second time I grabbed the bar in the air, although I did n’t stop for a while to grab the horizontal bar, but I want to say; it is important to overcome the psychology. As long as you try it bravely, you are not far from success! If you think of failure in your heart, you will fail, and if you don't have the confidence to win, there will be no achievement at all. To yourself! mutual encouragement!

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