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NTEK 2018 Chinese New Year Annual Ceremony

Source of articles:Shenzhen NTEK Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Publication time:2020-01-10 Popularity:1473

2017 said goodbye to everyone in the most glorious posture in the common struggle and rush of all people around the world. With hope and dreams, blood and passion, we ushered in a different 2018. On the afternoon of the 26th, Beitest Group ’s 2018 “Wind and Tail, Thank You for You” New Year's Annual Ceremony was held in Shenzhen Baoyue Hotel, which exploded the whole winter.

(Love each other, sing the annual meeting)

(leader's speech)

(Have you ever seen such a magnificent etiquette lineup?)

(Excellent employee award)

(Exciting sweepstakes)

(Wonderful program feast)

(Five-year employee awards)

(Finalistic surprise, do you like it?)

(The cutest annual meeting preparation group ~)

At this annual meeting, the event was unprecedented, looking around, all of them are family members. For more than ten years, we have grown up together with Beitest. Behind every honoree is a history of struggle and growth. Thanks for having you, walking along the way, we will fight brilliant again next year!

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