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The first session of the NTEk lecture hall is now open!

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The first session of the North Test Lecture Hall

Resources are depleted, and only culture is endless. All industrial products are created by human wisdom. We have no natural resources to rely on. We can only excavate large oil fields, large forests, and large coal mines in the minds of people ... We must emphasize that we must truly strive to achieve the needs of our customers, and that we must cultivate passion and motivation for our customers' needs Employees working tirelessly to achieve. Knowledge is the ladder of human progress. In order to keep up with the development speed of Shenzhen, continuous charging for life-long learning is the correct way for us to open and enhance personal value!

Lesson 1: Business etiquette

Business etiquette is the art of interpersonal communication. In business activities, education reflects the details and the quality of the details. In order to show mutual respect, we need to restrict people in all aspects of business activities through some codes of conduct, including instrument etiquette, handshake etiquette, table etiquette, mail etiquette, telephone etiquette Office etiquette, banquet etiquette, welcome etiquette. In the class, teacher Rita invited students to perform physical exercises on the spot, analyze the cases, and shared a lively etiquette class.

Lesson 2: EU and US product certification laws and regulations

CE, FCC product certification is the most basic certification requirement for export products. This course covers the EU and US product certification laws and regulations and the basis for testing common types of products from EU directives, US federal regulations to product compliance standards. In view of the characteristics of students, Mr. Alex looks at the source of legal standards, so that we not only know why, but also why. Everyone in the class was very interested in the impact of Brexit on certification. Some business colleagues are also looking forward to the interpretation of the test product standards. They have already started to schedule the next course of Teacher Alex!

Lesson 3: Introduction to the latest CNAS and CMA knowledge

In order to ensure the quality of the company's various work, provide fair, scientific, accurate and efficient testing services to the society, further improve the company's quality management level and technical capabilities, create high-level, high-quality, efficient laboratories, quality work It is necessary to start from the entire staff. This quality training history teacher mainly cuts through the sources of CNAS & CMA and the application process. By comparing the two qualifications, the trainees can better understand the role of their positions in quality work and understand the quality work. importance.

Lesson 4: China launches RoHS

China RoHS conformity assessment requirements. Products manufactured and imported after November 1, 2019 that are listed in the "Management Catalogue of Restricted Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products (First Batch)" shall meet the requirements of "Implementation Arrangements". In order to better provide our customers with professional and efficient testing and certification services, Beitest Technology specially invited President Gao to share with you the origin and certification process of China's RoHS certification. Students in the classroom listened to the notes carefully, which is really easy to learn!

Lesson 5: Explanation of EU Environmental Standards

After speaking about China's RoHS conformity assessment, we have to review the explanation of EU environmental standards. Lecturer Tim mainly starts from the hazardous substances management of battery and electrical regulations, and analyzes from a laboratory perspective according to the requirements of EU (EU) 2015/863. : From July 22, 2019, electronic and electrical products (except medical equipment and monitoring equipment) exported to the European Union will enforce restrictions on four o-benzenes, comprehensively control 10 substances, and apply EU environmental standards to China RoHS conducted a comparative explanation to enable students to better understand the differences between the two certifications. The students in the class kept asking questions and were very active. I believe everyone also benefited a lot!

Classroom silhouette

Charlie Munger, who is over 90 years old, shared a lot of his life experience and attitude in his speech at the 2014 University of Southern California graduation ceremony. Will not achieve very high achievements, relying only on existing knowledge, can not go far in life. The more excellent people, the more stringent they are on their own, not humble or overbearing, hungry and thirsty for learning, have a firm goal, and insist on lifelong learning. As we now, we should be able to stand up to our young skins, arm our brains with knowledge, and continue to learn and grow, so that we can stand out in the competitive society and realize our own life value.

NTEK is committed to providing customers with a professional one-stop quality and safety improvement solution. This goal motivates us to continuously learn and explore at the forefront of product testing and certification. Optimize services, dig deeper, and learn endlessly. Beitest will grow with you!

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