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Samsung Group is South Korea's largest multinational enterprise group. Samsung Group includes many international subsidiaries. Its subsidiaries include Samsung Electronics, Samsung Products, Samsung Life Insurance, etc., and its business involves electronics, finance, machinery, chemistry and many other fields.

The Samsung Group was founded in 1938 and was founded by Lee Byung-soo. The Samsung Group is a family-owned company. The Lee family is hereditary. Each of its Samsung industries is a family industry and is managed by other members of the family. The leader of the group has passed to the third generation of the Lee family. Li Jianxi is the current group chairman and his son Li Zaiyu served as Vice President of Samsung Electronics.

Its subsidiaries include: Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung SDS, Samsung Electric, Samsung Corning, Samsung Networks, Samsung Fire, Samsung Securities, Samsung Products, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Engineering, Samsung Aviation, and Samsung Life. The company is managed by members of the company, and three of its subsidiaries have been selected as the Fortune 500 companies by Fortune Magazine. Samsung Electronics is its largest subsidiary, the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, and one of the world ’s largest electronics companies. In 2009, Samsung Electronics occupied the 40th place among the top 500 global companies. Ranked 50th in the world's most respected companies, Samsung ranked 19th in brand value, an improvement of 2 in 2008. In 2011, the global corporate market capitalization was $ 150 billion.

On the evening of November 4, 2016, Samsung Electronics America announced that it would take the initiative to recall 2.8 million specific models of top-open washing machines.

In the second quarter of 2018, Samsung shipped 8 million mobile phones in India with a 23% market share, ranking second only to Xiaomi.

Premier Li Keqiang said: Samsung Electronics ’wholly-owned subsidiary in China has completed a total investment of US $ 10.87 billion, with an estimated total investment of US $ 15 billion. Welcome Samsung to continue to expand investment in China. The years of cooperation between Samsung and China fully prove that high-tech cooperation will definitely bring high added value returns.

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