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BYD is a Chinese automobile brand. It was founded in 1995 and mainly produces business cars and family cars and batteries. Started with a scale of more than 20 people, in 2003 it became the second largest rechargeable battery manufacturer in the world. In the same year, BYD Automobile was established. BYD Automobile follows the development route of independent research and development, independent production, and independent brands, and is committed to creating truly affordable domestic The design of the car and the product not only draws on the advanced concepts of international trends, but also conforms to the aesthetic concept of Chinese culture. On November 8, 2017, BYD was selected into the influence of the times · Chinese business case TOP30.

brand history
Founded in 1995, BYD Co., Ltd. started with a scale of more than 20 people. In 2003, it became the second largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries in the world. In the same year, BYD Auto was formed. BYD, who started out as a battery, talks about building cars, and it's nothing more than playing a layman role. It is the use of the famous name of "independent intellectual property rights" and the acquisition of Qinchuan Automobile that give BYD a first-mover advantage over other novices. In just one year, BYD Auto's product line has rapidly expanded from the original single "Flair" mini car to a full range of products including A-class fuel vehicles, C-class fuel vehicles, lithium-ion electric vehicles, and hybrid vehicles.

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