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AliExpress (English name: AliExpress) was officially launched in April 2010. It is the only online trading platform created by Alibaba for the global market. It is called "the international version of Taobao" by the majority of sellers. AliExpress serves overseas buyers, conducts secured transactions through Alipay international accounts, and uses international express delivery. It is the third largest English online shopping website in the world.

AliExpress is Alibaba's online trading platform that integrates orders, payment, and logistics to help small and medium-sized enterprises reach terminal wholesale retailers, sell small batches and multiple batches quickly, and expand profit margins.

common problem
1. What is the difference between AliExpress and Taobao?
A: Taobao is for domestic sellers and ships through domestic courier; AliExpress is for overseas buyers and uses Alipay international accounts for secured transactions and uses international express delivery.
2. What are the main differences between AliExpress and Alibaba International when it comes to online transactions?
A: Alibaba International Station is a platform for suppliers to complete the release and display of information. If buyers purchase samples or foreign trade test orders on the International Station, it is like buying in a free market. The price of the product requires the buyer and the seller to discuss and confirm the order. To proceed. AliExpress is an online trading platform that requires sellers to indicate prices, support third-party guarantee payments, and international express delivery, which is suitable for small and medium order transactions that support international express delivery. Simply put, it's like buying in a supermarket.

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