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"Tmall" (English: Tmall, also known as Taobao Mall, Tmall Mall) was originally called Taobao Mall and is a comprehensive shopping website. On the morning of January 11, 2012, Taobao Mall officially announced its name change to "Tmall". On March 29, 2012, Tmall released a new logo image. On November 11, 2012, Tmall made a fortune on Singles' Day, claiming to sell 10 billion in 13 hours, setting a world record. Tmall is a new B2C (Business-to-Consumer, commercial retail) created by Jack Ma It integrates thousands of brands, manufacturers, and provides a one-stop solution between businesses and consumers. Provide 100% quality guaranteed products, 7 days after-sales service without reason to return, and shopping point cash back and other quality services. On February 19, 2014, the Ali Group announced that Tmall International was officially launched, providing domestic consumers with direct import of imported goods from overseas.

On November 11, 2016, Tmall Double 11 re-recorded the world's largest shopping day record, with single-day transactions of 120.7 billion. The ninth Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival started 1 hour and 49 seconds, with a turnover of more than 57.1 billion yuan. This figure is the entire day of double 11 in 2014. The transaction volume of Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival in 2017 reached 91.2 billion yuan in 7 hours, 22 minutes and 54 seconds, exceeding the entire day of Double 11 in 2015.

On November 26, 2018, Tmall was upgraded to "Big Tmall", forming three major segments: Tmall Business Group, Tmall Supermarket Business Group, and Tmall Import and Export Business Department. On March 6, 2019, Jiang Fan succeeded Jing Jie as President of Tmall.

On September 7, 2019, the China Business Federation and the All-China Business Information Center released the 2018 China's Top 100 Retailing List, and Tmall ranked first. The full-day turnover of Tmall Double 11 in 2019 was RMB 268.4 billion, exceeding RMB 213.5 billion in 2018, setting a new record again.

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