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[NTEK · March Basketball Fire] A basketball game that ignites your blood

Source of articles:Shenzhen NTEK Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Publication time:2020-01-10 Popularity:2219

Basketball❤ Let's meet better ourselves ~

On March 31, all employees of Beitest are eagerly looking forward to the grand opening of the NTEK 2018 "Yangchun Cup" basketball game at 9 am. Everybody, blood and youth are here! Ready to call for your slam dunk master?

Little Monsters vs Storm Team

(Hugs basketball hugs after briefly leaving gravity)

(The two teams that are defending and breaking, who are fighting?)

Reunion vs. Blue Fire

(Spin, jump, non-stop; shoot, score, lose)

(The most powerful language on the court is the sound of the ball entering the basket)

Three point game


(When the basketball rushed into the hoop along the gorgeous parabola)


(Every goal seems to save the world once)


Little Monsters vs. United
(After a fierce competition, the exciting finals officially begin)


Best MVP ~

We are  family~

Glory stays in the past, and the future is even more promising. The journey of basketball and love is still going on. Brothers and sisters who are burning the basketball dream, wake up your long dormant enthusiasm. See you next year!

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