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Shenzhen NTEK-Battery Lab

About the labAbout the lab

NTEK Battery Lab focuses on studying the changes in battery standards in various countries and maintains good cooperation with well-known international institutions. The exclusive team provides highly flexible one-stop testing and certification services for manufacturers, distributors and importers in the new energy industry. Solutions to help customers easily and conveniently obtain passes to enter multi-national markets. At present, the new energy laboratory is equipped with leading testing equipment and instruments, and provides testing and certification services for various types of new energy products in accordance with relevant standards of major countries and regions in the EU and North America to ensure that new energy products meet safety, performance, storage, transportation, Chemical and electromagnetic compatibility requirements are reliable partners in the new energy industry.

  • Personalized service

    NTEK is committed to meeting and responding to changing market trends and needs, and providing quality inspection services that fit your entire supply chain.

  • Reputable

    NTEK works closely with the world's top manufacturers and retailers to help them properly manage risk and comply with regulations.

  • Technical leadership

    NTEK participates in the formulation and development of global international standards, industrial standards and regulations, so that you and we are always the first to understand the changes in various accreditation conditions and certification methods.

Service ItemsService Items

Environmental test Flame exposure test Design evaluation Mechanical test Explosion test Electrical test and national certification.
  • Wide range of services

    Comprehensive coverage of testable products.

  • Comprehensive test project

    Environmental testing, mechanical testing, electrical testing, etc.

  • Comprehensive annotation capabilities

    Has various test standards testing capabilities.

  • Training instruction

    Free regular training for customers.

  • Competitive advantage

    CQC commissioned inspection laboratory (the first private battery).

  • Technical consulting

    Professional engineers provide consulting services one to one.

  • Risk assessment

    Provide quality solutions to reduce the risks inherent in the product.

  • Consultation service

    Assist enterprises in consulting on various battery standards and regulations.

Service advantagesService advantages

NTEK, as a national high-tech enterprise, a comprehensive public testing platform for new materials and electronic products, is the pioneer of third-party testing and certification services in China, and one of the earliest professional institutions engaged in commodity inspection, identification, testing, and certification services in China.
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    Total number of customer groups

Laboratory equipmentLaboratory equipment

NTEK laboratory is established and implemented in strict accordance with the ISO / IEC17025: 2005 standard. The laboratory has passed the audit of the International Electrotechnical Commission's Electrotechnical Product Qualification Testing and Certification Organization (IECEE) and has become a CBTL under UL. The company has obtained the qualification certificate of the import and export commodity inspection and appraisal agency issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. It is a designated laboratory of the National Compulsory Product Certification (CCC), a testing laboratory contracted by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC), and a CMA test Laboratory, fully qualified to issue third-party testing reports.

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Laboratory equipment

  • Laboratory equipment

Customer groupsCustomer groups

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