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Warm congratulations on the success of the NTEK 2019 New Year's Conference!

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Congratulations to the new spring

Spring returns to the land of flowers, and the festival is new to Vientiane. The North Test's annual conference ceremony once again came to us as promised. Warm gathering night, strong family and friends. Let ’s celebrate the New Year together at this moment of resignation and auspicious celebration ~


Program articles

Thank you friends for bringing us laughter and joy, hard work ~~

Lucky draw

Surprise again and again, you are the most prosperous in the year of the pig ~

Honor Awards

Winners list

you are the best~.

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Ten years of dream picking, walking together. I hope to stand at a new starting point in 2019, and everyone will be side by side with the new journey. Dear customers, friends and friends of the Beitest family, we have worked hard in 2018. Let us go hand in hand in 2019 to create brilliant!

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