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Signing cooperation in photovoltaic product certification across the Taiwan Straits to reduce the cost of entering Taiwan

578 Author: Shenzhen NTEK Testing Technology Co., Ltd.
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China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and Taiwan Electronic Inspection Center (ETC) signed a strategic partnership agreement during the 6th Cross-Strait Standard Metrology Inspection and Certification Accreditation and Consumer Product Safety Symposium on the 21st. Institute (ITRI) signed a letter of intent for cooperation in photovoltaic product certification.

    According to the contents of the cooperation agreement, relevant technical institutions on both sides of the Taiwan Strait will cooperate in the areas of testing and certification of electronic components, photovoltaic products, common technology standards, and construction of public service platforms. The mainland will gradually recognize the results of testing and certification by Taiwan partners, thereby reducing The cost of Taiwanese companies entering the mainland market.

    It is reported that, in accordance with the "Cross-Strait Standard Metrological Inspection and Certification Cooperation Agreement", in June 2010, the Cross-Strait Certification and Accreditation Cooperation Working Group was established. The working group's cooperation mainly includes: communicating cross-strait certification accreditation standards and procedures, jointly promoting the establishment and implementation of cross-strait certification and accreditation systems, and promoting mutual trust in cross-strait certification accreditation results.

    The working group established corresponding project groups according to the cooperation content determined by the two parties. So far, 7 project groups have been established, namely: certification and accreditation mutual trust group, conformity assessment standard term comparison and coordination group, accreditation technology group, motor vehicle group, and certification personnel. Registration group, new energy group, greenhouse gas group.

    In recent years, cross-strait working groups have conducted a large number of comparisons in compulsory product certification systems, comparison of conformity assessment terms, laboratory proficiency testing, mutual recognition of LED street light product testing, motor vehicle testing and certification, accreditation technology, and personnel exchanges. Work has also achieved a number of cooperation results.

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