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When the detection standard is "absent", when will plastic chaos stop?

846 Author: NTEK
Key words of this article:
    Recently, the relevant local authorities in Shenzhen ordered the construction party to eliminate the newly installed plastic runway at Meilian Primary School.

    In July of this year, Shenzhen Meilian Elementary School carried out construction on the plastic runway in the campus. After acceptance, some students experienced physical discomfort such as nosebleeds and cough. After testing by the testing agency and expert evaluation, the average index of toluene and xylene on the campus runway exceeded the national standard by 20 times.

    In recent years, many schools have the conditions to improve sports facilities, and the laying of plastic track is almost a must. In some cities, the demand for paving plastic runways has increased exponentially in recent years, and there are huge business opportunities here.

    But currently the standards related to plastic runway products are sports standards and environmental standards. There is no relevant national standard for the impact of plastic runway on air quality and the quality requirements of air over the runway.

    Huge market demand, but imperfect national standards, has caused swarming manufacturers to enter vicious competition. According to authoritative sources, in the past year, nearly 3,000 plastic runway raw material suppliers have been added nationwide, of which small workshops have a market share of 50% or more. They have no qualifications, no technology, no production management system, and no quality Guarantee system, no production safety management measures, no product inspection and testing methods, no professional production personnel and technical personnel, etc., the manufacturing cost is very low.

Poor quality materials and irregular construction are the root cause of poisonous runways

    At present, the school's quality inspection of plastic runways is mainly concerned with visible quality, such as whether the length, thickness, flexibility, and marking of plastic runways are standard. The invisible quality, such as the plastic material and the volatility of harmful gases, may be neglected by the school, and the school itself does not have the professional ability to perform inspections and supervision.

    In addition, the construction of plastic runways is based on construction projects. Most of the successful bidders are construction companies. After the construction companies win the bid, they will subcontract layers. Supervision companies that supervise the construction process generally lack expertise in chemical engineering. It is impossible to distinguish between the good and the bad, and many bad businesses often use inferior and harmful materials for profit.

Third-party testing helps students stay away from inferior runways

    Poor plastic materials may contain a lot of harmful ingredients such as harmful flame retardants and plasticizers (such as short-chain chlorinated paraffin (SCCP), phthalates), benzene, toluene, xylene, heavy metals and free toluene Diisocyanates, etc. (TDI). These harmful substances will be released from the materials and enter the air. Excessive intake of the human body may cause dizziness, allergies, nosebleeds, and in severe cases, it may even reduce the ability of the immune system and affect the development of children's reproductive system. In addition, during the construction of the runway, diluents such as Tianna water may also be used, resulting in an excessive release of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC). Finally, due to the combined effects of poor materials and irregular construction, the runway air may contain a large amount of volatile organic compounds, which directly affects the health of children.

    Is the school's outdoor plastic runway poisonous? Many parents of students said that the certification issued by the construction unit was unconvincing, and a third-party certification body must conduct professional and fair testing according to certain standards.

    At present, for runway materials, there is a domestic recommended standard GB / T 14833-2011, which is some physical and chemical tests during the runway acceptance process. For outdoor runway air, there are currently no relevant standards in China, but some leading international third-party testing agencies can refer to the relevant domestic standards and international ISO standards to help customers customize outdoor air detection processes and standards to control plastic runways. Air quality.

NTEK North Test tests paving "healthy runway" for children

    As early as 2014, NTEK North Test has conducted volatile organic compound (VOC) release test tests on plastic runways. It has a certain understanding and experience of the properties and detection methods of related similar products. Evaluation.

    At present, Beitest has established a laboratory testing center with Shenzhen as its headquarters, and has established branches in Dongguan, Zhongshan, Suzhou, and Xiamen. 2. Certification qualifications, such as the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) commissioned testing laboratories and AQSIQ, can be used to test domestic runway materials.

    In addition, NTEK North Test can also test 163 kinds of highly concerned hazardous substances according to EU REACH standards, and issue third-party test reports.

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