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Baoan Party Construction Top 100 Enterprises: Shenzhen Northtest Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

1248 Author: NTEK
Key words of this article:
Cultivation and selection of the "Top 100 Party Building Enterprises" is an innovative measure implemented by Baoan District in the field of party building of the two new organizations. Since 2017, it has been organized and implemented throughout the region. By cultivating and evaluating a group of "benchmark enterprises" that are "strong in enterprises and strong in party building", they promote the transformation of the advantages of party building into the advantages of enterprise development. They also take the lead and demonstrate the role of typical leadership and demonstration radiation, and promote the overall improvement of the party's two new organizations in the region. As of now, 79 companies in the district have been selected as "Top 100 Party Building Enterprises", and 21 companies have been rated as "Municipal Party Building Model Non-Public Enterprise Demonstrations and Overall Promotion" in the city's non-public enterprise party building this year. "Public enterprises", the number of award-winning enterprises in the city's most districts. "Baoan Pioneer" will open a column to introduce the companies that won the title of "Top 100 Party Construction" from time to time.

The recommended company in this issue is Shenzhen Beitest Testing Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Beitest Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Beitest") is located in Hangcheng Street and was established in 2009. It is a third-party testing and certification agency mainly engaged in the inspection, identification, testing and certification of consumer and industrial products. Has more than 40 testing laboratories. Beitest Party Branch was established in 2017, with 20 members, and the party branch secretary is Zhou Yeping, the company's vice president. The company has 105 square meters of party and mass activity center.

"In order to get better development in the North Test, the first priority is to establish a party branch, use the party's thinking to guide the development direction of the enterprise, and advance the development of production with the advanced nature of party members." Zhou Yeping, secretary of the North Test Party branch and vice president, said. Since the establishment of the party branch in December 2017, the company has a total of 20 party members. The party branch has strictly implemented the "three sessions and one lesson" system, allowing the party construction work to achieve remarkable results, and the enterprise development has entered a fast track.

Pay attention to the cultivation of party members, give play to pioneering leadership
"We always adhere to the principle of" where the production and operation expands, where the party's grass-roots construction extends, and where the role of party members comes into play, "to achieve effective coverage and extension of party organizations and party work. The competition of "being an excellent party member" and "being an excellent employee" was held to closely integrate party building work with the promotion of enterprise development.

The party branch of Beitest focuses on the word "cultivation", and through intensive study, group study, and individual study, to ensure that the party constitution, party rules, and other knowledge are in the mind, and promote the self-cultivation of party members; Care and care in work, life and other aspects, to the best of our ability to help party members and staff solve practical difficulties. Because party members lead by example and pioneering role, it effectively motivates other employees and creates a positive working atmosphere. Zhou Yeping said that the North Testing Company is engaged in third-party testing. Many customers will store the samples that have just been listed in the company. Since the party building has been integrated into the corporate culture, the incident of losing valuable samples has never happened.

Create a party-building atmosphere and promote enterprise development
Beitest Testing Co., Ltd. implements three advantages for party members' employment: priority recruitment, priority allocation of dormitories, and priority promotion; establishment of model member bonuses, monthly evaluation; party member employees enjoy the benefits of the company's directors ... Driven by Zhou Yeping, Beitest The leadership is very supportive of the party building work. The company invests 200,000 to 300,000 yuan each year in the party building work. By carrying out a variety of party building activities, it has established a harmonious labor relationship, promoted internal stability and helped the company. The company's healthy and sustainable development.

Zhou Yeping is also the lecturer of the two new organizations of Hangcheng Street and actively participates in the "two coverages" of the two new organizations of Hangcheng Street. Zhou Yeping believes that for private enterprises, strengthening party building work is conducive to harmonious labor relations and colleague relationships, and promotes internal stability of the enterprise. At the same time, it can unify thinking, gather strength, inspire spirit, and boost morale, and integrate party building activities into corporate culture. In China, letting party members play a vanguard role in their respective positions will help maximize the economic benefits of enterprises.

Beginning in March of this year, at the company's monthly summary meeting, Zhou Yeping increased the organization and living session and carried out "criticism and self-criticism". Everyone from formality to active participation. After full communication and mutual understanding, many problems that troubled the company for a long time were resolved. It is very helpful to the company's development.

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