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Be cautious when choosing children's plastic foam floor mats

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In recent years, plastic foam floor mats have gradually become a must-have item for family life. Its beautiful patterns, bright colors, soft touch, and easy to use are very suitable for children to crawl and play on. However, the quality of plastic foam mats on the market varies, and these neat and beautiful mats can be hidden dangers.

    Investigations show that most of the plastic foam flooring mats currently on sale in China are made of EVA, which is non-toxic in itself. However, in order to increase the softness of flooring mats, some manufacturers will add a formamide called Material, which can not only increase the amount of foam but also reduce production costs. Formamide releases ammonia at high temperatures. If the human body inhales a large amount of ammonia, symptoms such as cough and dyspnea may occur, and serious diseases such as asthma may also occur.

    As China has not yet formulated production standards for such products as plastic foam floor mats, parents should be extra cautious when purchasing children's plastic foam floor mats, and it is best to buy them in formal malls or supermarkets, and they must be identified when purchasing. CCC certification mark on the package. Bought plastic foam floor mats must be aired in time to make ammonia gas fully volatilized. If you accidentally buy a product that emits a strong pungent odor, it is best not to use it for children, so as not to harm the child's health. For infants and crawling children, it is best to replace the plastic foam mats with pure cotton mats or carpets.

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