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NTEK Hosts "NTEK + n" Global Wireless Product Market Access Seminar

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On June 27, the NTEK + n global wireless product market access seminar led by NTEK was successfully held in Shenzhen. Beitest Group, together with many experts and guests from the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, Vietnam and other countries, analyzed the technical requirements of wireless product testing in the global market and updated their technical requirements to answer questions and solve market challenges more quickly.

Under the intelligent background, the manufacturing industry is undergoing rapid transformation, and the potential of “Smart Manufacturing China” is huge, but it also contains potential risks. There are new changes and requirements for the safety and environmental protection of the product itself. The "NTEK + n" Global Wireless Product Market Access Seminar helps companies more effectively and quickly understand the changing global market needs.

On the morning of the 27th, representatives of certification agencies and experts were invited to Beitest Group. The two sides discussed the trends and markets of international testing and certification, exchanged views on the cooperation between the two sides, and reached an agreement. Beitest has signed a cooperation agreement with the largest certified network provider in the Middle East and a representative of the Brazilian communications certification agency. It is agreed that the two parties will carry out extensive testing and certification strategic cooperation in the fields of electronic communications such as wireless communications. In the future, the test report issued by North Test will help companies open green channels in Brazil and the Middle East market.

NTEK signs cooperation agreement with Brazilian certification body

NTEK signs cooperation agreement with Middle East certification bodies

In the afternoon seminar, Mr. Mohammad, the largest certification network provider in the Middle East, Mr. Andrew, a senior certification expert in Africa, Mr. Joao, a representative of the Brazilian communications certification agency, and Mrs Anne, a Vietnam certification expert, explained the requirements and updates of global wireless product testing .

NTEK Holds "NTEK + n" Global Wireless Product Market Access Seminar

NTEK helps enterprises to obtain export certification quickly, promote their products to the international market in a timely manner, improve product quality, and build global competitiveness.

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