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Good news | NTEK won the title of "Guangdong High-growth Small and Medium-sized Enterprises"

1746 Author: NTEK
Key words of this article:
Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Commission announced the "2018 Guangdong High-Growth Small and Medium-sized Enterprises List", and Shenzhen Beitest Testing Technology Co., Ltd. was listed as a benchmarking company in the testing and certification industry.

It is reported that the high-growth enterprises in Guangdong Province are fiercely competitive. The companies participating in the selection must meet the national industrial policies and related requirements, small and medium-sized enterprises with strong technological innovation and financing capabilities, and outstanding development speed, efficiency and quality. The proportion of revenue has reached more than 3%, and the average annual growth rate of the company's main business income and total profits in the past two years has reached more than 20%.

Provincial high-growth enterprises will focus on selecting small and medium-sized enterprises in advanced manufacturing, modern service industries, strategic emerging industries and traditional advantage industries, with good operating conditions, outstanding main industries, strong technological innovation and investment capabilities, clear development strategies, and large scale growth potential. enterprise. At the same time, the selected enterprises will be preferentially included in the support scope of credit risk compensation funds and policy financing guarantee institutions of local small and medium-sized enterprises by the government's administrative department for active support.

As a pioneer of third-party testing and certification services, Beitesting is one of the earliest professional institutions engaged in commodity inspection, identification, testing, and certification services in China. After more than ten years of development, the North Test has established large-scale comprehensive test bases in South China, East China, Central China, North China and Northwest China. Beitest is committed to becoming the most trusted testing organization.

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