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NTEK joins hands with UL UL conference

621 Author: NTEK
Key words of this article:
The UL / IEC / 62368 standard is a new standard for information and audio-visual products. With the official release of the third edition of IEC 62368-1 on October 4, 2018, and the date of the mandatory implementation of the second edition in the European Union and North America, the more and more More and more become the focus of the industry. Today UL has announced that since December 20, 2020, when applying for UL certification for audio and video (Audio, Video), information technology (ITE), and communication products, new applications can only apply for UL62368-1, no longer Can apply for UL60950-1. In order to assist enterprises to smoothly switch and update product standards and meet the needs of future markets, NTEK and UL specially held this seminar.

Workshop time and place:

Seminar time: April 12, 2019, 13: 30--17: 30

Address of seminar: Multi-functional conference room, 7th floor, Block A, Silicon Valley, Western Shenzhen, Shenzhen

Workshop agenda:
13: 30-14: 00 Guests sign in
14: 20-15: 20 Interpretation of the new rules of multimedia products UWIEC / ENG2568
15: 20-16: 00 Secure Multi-Country Transfer
16: 00-16: 15 Break, tea break
16: 15-16: 45 Ql / QC Technology Certification
16: 45-17: 30 How to respond to China RoHS / EU rohs2.0 enforcement

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