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What products does Amazon e-commerce in Japan need to do GITEKI certification?

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As we all know, selling wireless charging products on Amazon requires many certifications, such as Japan's TELEC, the United States FCC-ID, Europe's CE-RED, China's SRRC, and Taiwan's NCC. These are mandatory. In order to allow buyers to shop safely on the Amazon website, Amazon is currently implementing an approval process to confirm that certain GITEKI products posted on its website meet the security requirements in applicable laws.


Today we will focus on the Amazon Japan site to be GITEKI certified products and certification methods.

Sellers in Japan know that as long as products such as laptops, routers, fixed phones, mobile phones, and Bluetooth headsets are sold in Japan, they need to be GITEKI certified, and they need to affix or print the GITEKI logo on the certified products and issue the number. It is illegal to sell directly in Japan without this certification, and may face severe penalties. In other words, this is a compulsory certification.

What products need to be certified by GITEKI?

1.Drone goods
Restricted drone products have the following characteristics: equipped with batteries, power supply units and radio equipment using radio control.

2.Smart plug products
A restricted smart plug is a plug that can be used as both a power supply device and a wireless device.

3. Home camera products
Restricted home cameras have the following features: equipped with a battery, a power supply unit, and radio equipment using remote control. These cameras are sold as ultra-compact cameras, standard security cameras, hemispherical security cameras, and home surveillance systems.

If the seller wants to continue to sell GITEKI products on Amazon Japan, they must use the email address that received this email before September 30, 2018, and they need to submit the following 1-5 pieces of information to jp- for review:
1. Your company name;
2. Your contact information: contact name, title, email address and phone number;
3. A list of ASINs (10-digit numbers beginning with B, which can be confirmed on the seller's platform) that you want to continue to sell on our website;
4. Certificate of conformity (issued by a registered conformity assessment agency);
5. Photo of the label containing the GITEKI logo (GITEKI logo must be clearly visible);

However, if the relevant product is equipped with weak radio equipment, the seller needs to replace the above 4 and 5 with any of the following information:
(A) Weak radio equipment compliance mark (ELP mark or TELEC mark).
(B) Documents indicating that the commodity is compatible with weak radio equipment.

Sites that strictly control product safety certification are not limited to Japan. Some sellers in Germany reported that they had recently performed a category review of seasonal German lamps or rejected materials because of unqualified materials. Some sellers in the United Kingdom reported that electronic products were spot-checked by Amazon for applications that required battery classification. Category and related materials that do not meet the applicable EN standards have become a common problem encountered by both. For specific certifications of e-commerce products in various countries, you can click the consultation window on the right to consult engineers online.

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