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What is 3C certification

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What is CCC certification

The so-called CCC certification is China's compulsory product certification system. The English name is China Compulsory Certification. As a three-in-one "CCC" authoritative certification of National Safety Certification (CCEE), Import Safety Quality Licensing System (CCIB), and China Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification (EMC), it is an advanced one that is in line with the international standards of China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and Certification. Signs have irreplaceable importance.


The need for CCC certification

1.3C certification is a compulsory certification and a passport to enter the domestic market; CCC is a domestic compulsory certification. If it is sold in the country, it mainly depends on whether your company's product is not in the 3C compulsory catalog. If so, 3C certification is required. Enterprises with 3C certification can improve the recognition of enterprise products. If the product is exported, there is a 3C certification mark, which can reduce some items of export testing.
2. Products and companies with 3C certification are easily recognized, enhance customer confidence, shape corporate image, and increase visibility. Products without 3C certification are not easy to buy.
3. As the CCC certification is a third-party testing agency independent of the first party (supplier) and second party (purchaser), through strict inspection and inspection, an authoritative certificate is issued for the compliance of the product. This fair and scientific quality system is in line with the laws of the market economy and can bring direct economic benefits to both parties in trade.
4. The enterprise's CCC certification and CCC certification mark are important expressions of corporate culture and quality culture. Striving for the CCC certification mark and producing high-quality products is not only a material result, but also a spiritual product, but also the crystallization of corporate culture.

CCC Certification Applicable Countries

CCC is a compulsory certification in China

CCC Certified Product Type

1. Products that need to be imported and produced for scientific research and testing;
2. Parts imported by infeed or processing for the purpose of full export of the whole machine;
3. According to foreign trade contracts, products for export (excluding those products that are partially resold domestically or domestically);
4. Imported parts and components that need to be imported to the production line for the assessment technology;
5. Products imported and produced directly for end-user maintenance purposes; maintenance parts for products that have been discontinued;
6. Products in other special cases.

CCC certification process

1. Application acceptance
2. Data review
3. Received samples
4. Sample test
5. Factory inspection
6. Conformity assessment
7. Certificate approval
8. Printing, collection, delivery and management of certificates

Technical information required for CCC certification

Product Manual;
Product specification
Product Maintenance Manual;
Product circuit diagram (including schematic diagram and printed circuit board diagram);
Description of the differences between the main model product and the covered model product in the same application unit;
List of key components related to the safety of products and the list of major components that have an impact on EMC performance;
A copy of the product's key safety element certification;
Product CB test certificate and report;
Product trademark authorization, etc.

North Test Advantage

As the pioneer and leader of third-party testing and certification services in China, Beitest has extensive experience in CCC certification and enjoys the reputation of "shortest cycle, highest efficiency, and rich experience in handling abnormalities" in the industry. Beitest can provide customers with CCC certification services for products including kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, electrical and electronic equipment, communication equipment, audio and video equipment, toys, child safety seats, strollers and cribs, and the test reports have international credibility.

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