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Introduction to EMC test for CE certification of automotive electronics

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Since July 1, 2011, the European Union has implemented the EN50498: 2010 standard, Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)-Product family standard for aftermarket electronic equipment in vehicles.

Applicable Products:
    Products defined in the 2004/104 / EC directive (latest: 2014/30 / EU), that does not affect driving safety, can remove electronic products that do not affect the normal operation of the car, such as car chargers, car refrigerators, car heating massage Products such as seat cushions, car heaters, car audio-visual entertainment products that do not involve interference-related functions.
    This type of consumer automotive electrical products can be CE certified and tested to prove that the product meets the requirements of the EN50498: 2010 standard and then sold to EU countries.

The main difference from E-MARK certification:
1. The cost is greatly reduced;
2. The cycle is greatly shortened;
3. Application and filing for a series of products will be more adapted to market demand;
4. Test certification can be completely localized.

Test items:
1. Broadband radiation disturbance;
2. Narrowband radiation disturbance;
3. Conducted transient emission test;
4. Conducted transient immunity test.

test period:
10 working days

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