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NTEK assists "2017 Pearl River Delta Quality Bank EMC and Product Safety Spring Summit"

656 Author: NTEK
Key words of this article:
On April 22nd, the "Spring Pearl River Delta Quality Bank EMC and Product Safety Spring Summit", jointly organized by Shenzhen Quality Management and Testing Promotion Association, Beitest Group (hereinafter referred to as: NTEK) and various authoritative leaders, was held in the spring of 2017. Successfully held in the International Conference Hall on the 4th floor of Shenzhen National Digital Electronic Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

Take a group photo with Minister Jia

Chen Yixu, Engineering Manager of NTEK Automotive Division, delivered a speech on "Testing and Analysis of High-Voltage Components for New Energy Vehicles" at this summit forum, correcting the mistakes made by enterprises and giving suggestions. Participants shared my laboratory's experience in the electromagnetic compatibility test of high-voltage components for electric vehicles, and classified and analyzed the problems that occurred during the testing of such components.

Chen Yixu, Engineering Manager of Automotive Division, gave a speech

As a pioneer of China's third-party testing and certification services, Beitest Group pays particular attention to quality management in the field of inspection, identification, testing and certification services, and its innovative technologies and quality services are well recognized by the market.

The successful holding of the forum has strongly promoted exchanges, cooperation and positive interactions between industries, and accelerated the safe and efficient development of the inspection and inspection industry. Beitest Group will be pioneering, keep improving, pragmatic and practical, and provide customers with better quality inspection and certification services.

All the participants took a group photo

About NTEK:
NTEK, as a national high-tech enterprise, is a pioneer and leader in third-party testing and certification services in China. NTEK Automotive Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory is a special laboratory for automotive electronics. It is equipped with complete equipment and a well-equipped talent team. It is also equipped with an electromagnetic compatibility test system for high-voltage components for electric vehicles. Testing capabilities cover international standards, national standards, industry standards, and automotive enterprise standards.

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