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Chinese Enterprise Credit Rating

Certification Introduction

Corporate credit assessment is a certificate of centralized performance of basic information about economic exchanges between enterprises during the period of continuous operation. An enterprise's credit rating usually refers to the index level based on the evaluation target's credit record, performance capability, operating status, profitability, etc., that is, the credit rating agency uses a predetermined symbol to identify the subject's credit level and debt risk. The higher the credit rating, the better the company's operating status, performance, and credit history.


Significance and value of certification

Significance and value of corporate credit assessment to enterprises
Corporate credit ratings are eight green passes for businesses in their operations and marketing activities.
1. It is a reliable "pass" for enterprises to obtain government support to attract investment, investment, financing guarantees and bank loans;
2. It is an indispensable "honor certificate" to measure the company's performance capability, bid credibility, comprehensive strength and competitiveness;
3. It is a "guidance certificate" for enterprises to gain insight into the inevitable trend of social and economic development, improve modern management and move towards internationalization;
4. It is an "optimization certificate" for enterprises to improve their business management, strengthen their credit management system, and improve their risk control;
5. It is a "risk certificate" for enterprises to increase cooperation, credit sales, and contract risk prevention in business activities;
6. It is an important intangible "asset certificate" for enterprises to enhance brand value and brand competitiveness;
7. It is an important "burden reduction certificate" for enterprises to reduce funds raised and transaction costs.

Application conditions

Enterprise credit rating reporting conditions
1. The enterprise applying for rating is a Chinese SME;
2. Legal persons and other economic organizations registered according to law;
3. It is necessary to set up three accounting years and have main business income in the past three years. If the company is in a continuous operation state, companies that are not going to close or stop cannot be rated.

Application process

Apply for corporate credit certification process

Application materials

Information to be submitted for corporate credit assessment
1. Copy of business license (copy), organization code certificate (copy), tax registration certificate (copy), loan card, import and export license, and registered capital verification report after annual inspection;
2. Provide a copy of the audit report of the latest three years of the financial report (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement) provided by the accounting firm; Statements, profit and loss statements, cash flow statements);
3. Copies of various honors such as independent intellectual property rights, trademarks, patents, qualification licenses, new product appraisals, scientific and technological progress awards, and product exemption certificates in recent years;
4. Various certifications passed, as well as relevant qualification certificates (such as quality management system certification, environmental system certification, etc.), social honor / award certificate (such as supplier, customer, bank, industry and commerce, taxation, shareholder evaluation) A copy of the certificate;
5. Current organizational chart (including job descriptions of each department and job description of each post); written documents and document catalogues of relevant systems (including the company's articles of association and the executive incentive and restraint mechanism);
6. Description of plans and plans in terms of company profile, business development, product market positioning (product introduction, output, production capacity, etc.), future market prospects, development strategies, etc. (please provide details if available);
7. Other relevant documents or materials to prove the credit of the enterprise.

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