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Kenya COC certification

Kenya COC certification profile

Kenya COC / PVOC certification is the documents required for export customs clearance in Kenya. It is used for customs clearance in Kenya. If each batch of goods is in the appendix of the controlled product listed in Kenya, it should be inspected on site before shipment to confirm that the product meets Kenya's relevant technical regulations and recognized standards.

The full name of the COC certification is a declaration of compliance, and the COC certificate is a necessary customs clearance document for products exported to the Middle East and African countries. For goods exported to the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, the customs of the importing country needs the importer to provide a certificate of conformance (COC) issued by the recognized international certification company for the goods.

COC has different manifestations in different countries, among which the three East African countries Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda are all called PVOC certification. Therefore, Kenya COC certification = Kenya PVOC certification. The products in the PVOC catalog must obtain a Certificate of Conformity (COC) before shipment and provide it to the Kenya Customs upon arrival, otherwise they will not be able to enter the country. As an exception, KEBS can accept the application of the importer to carry out inspections at the port of arrival in Kenya, but the importer will bear a 15% penalty for the value of the CIF goods, a 15% security deposit, and inspection and testing costs.

Applicable product range

The controlled products are roughly classified into:
Textiles and clothing products
Steel products
hand operated tools
Building materials

Application materials

1. Submit the IDF, product test report (English) or factory quality system ISO English version + factory English quality inspection report, equipment to the DW (External Degree Certification) China third party agency authorized by Kenyan government Box list, proforma invoice, product picture, package picture and PVoC application form.
(Remarks: Import Declaration Form (IDF) is a Kenyan importer who applies to the local government agency when determining the trade between the two parties. This is one of the necessary documents for Kenya batch inspection.)
2. The third-party agency reviews the documents and arranges inspections after passing the inspection. The inspections are mainly visual inspections, and the inspection scope is whether the surface quality, quantity, packaging, marking, steamed buns, etc. of the goods meet the Kenyan standards. (The audit information must be consistent with the large goods)

Application materials

Packing List
product photo
testing report

Processing cycle

1. Audit time: 2-3 working days (depending on the number of product names, the audit time may be extended)
2. Inspection time: according to the specific itinerary of the inspection department and the customer, the site inspection date is determined.
3. Certificate issuing time: After the inspection is passed, the draft will be given to the customer for confirmation in 3 working sunrises.


1. Product, inner and outer packaging labels and shelf life
All labels must be in English or Swahili. Place of origin (Made in China)-very important
In addition, basic contents such as product model, brand, manufacturer, grade, and category are also required.
For bagged products such as food, medicine, cosmetics, etc., the quantity, production date and shelf life of each bag must be marked. Products must reach 75% or more of their expiration date upon arrival in Kenya.
2. Counterfeit products
Certificates cannot be obtained even if the quality of counterfeit products meets standards.
All second-hand motorcycles must meet the Kenya KS1515: 2000 standard. Some special types of vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines are not applicable to the requirements of "right-hand driving" and "lifetime".
4. Fumigation certificate

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