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Australian SAA certification

Australian SAA certification profile

SAA is the abbreviation of Standards Association of Australia, and is Australia's standards development body. In 1999, it was changed from an association to a limited company, called Standards Australia International Limited, or SAI for short. SAI is an independent joint-stock company and has no direct relationship with the government. We often refer to the Australian certification as SAA certification. In fact, SAA is only a standard-setting agency and does not issue product certification certificates.

SAA does not have a fixed mark. It is represented by a certificate number. After a nationally recognized laboratory organization issues a certificate, it is marked with a company's abbreviated code and registration certificate number as a "safety label." The certification number needs to be printed on the label.


SAA certification basic information

Technical information: AC240V / 50Hz for AU; AC 230V / 50Hz for New Zealand
Whether mandatory: mandatory + voluntary
Certificate validity: up to 5 years
Inspection requirements: None
Certificate holder requirements: need to be a local registered company or local agent

Relationship between SAA certification, C-Tick, A-Tick and RCM

SAA certification is for the control of safety regulations, C-Tick certification is for EMC and radio products, and A-Tick certification is for telecommunications products. The RCM mark is a certification mark introduced in 2013. After the product has obtained safety certification and electromagnetic compatibility registration, it can obtain the RCM mark through the safety certification regulatory agency. From March 1, 2016, all electrical and electronic products sold must start using the RCM logo; the A-tick and C-tick logos will be replaced. RCM can be understood as a registration system, including SAA and C-TICK.

Applicable product range

Products controlled by SAA certification can be divided into two types: mandatory electronic products and non-mandatory electronic products:
1.Declared Electrical Products covers 56 major categories of products, such as external power supplies or chargers, wires, plugs, appliances (60335-2-9, -14, 15, -23, -80), and lamps (60598- 2-4) etc. Regulatory appliances are required to obtain a certificate of approval issued by the monitoring department, that is, SAA certification, and the identification is required (the certificate number must be marked).
2. Non-Declared Electrical Products refer to products other than compulsory certification, such as commercial kitchen appliances. Although non-regulated products are not required to obtain certification, their safety is the responsibility of the seller / manufacturer and they can apply for certification voluntarily. The monitoring department will issue a Certificate of Suitability for products that meet the standard requirements. Electrical products that have obtained the certificate of conformity can be marked with a certificate number, and the last letter of the certificate indicates which state or region issued the certificate.

Application process

1. Fill in the application form
2. Product sample test
3. Rectification of samples (when the test fails)
4.Issue a report
5.Report evaluation
6, issue a certificate

Application information

1. Application form
2.CB certificate and report
3. Product label (contains the corresponding certification mark)
4.PCB printed circuit board
5, the current filter description
6, converter manual
7. Product photos
8. List of key components (usually required for cases of direct application)
9.Key component certificate
10. User manual (English instruction manual or instruction manual in certified country language)
11. Plug test report (AUPlugTestReport required by SAA)

Certificate information


List of SAA mandatory products

Appliance coupler
Bayonet lamp holder
Bayonet lamp holder adapter
Control or regulating device
Extension board
Screw socket
Ballasts for fluorescent lamps
Starter for fluorescent lamp
Hand-held searchlight
Mobile light fixture
External device
Power plug
Power outlet
Power Flexible Cable
Wall switch
Welding machine
Electric blanket
Clothes dryer
Mobile cooker
Electric fence exciter
Electric heating pad
Floor polishing machine
Hair care appliances
Pruning shears
Immersion heater
Insect stunner
Kitchen appliances
Lawn care appliances
Liquid heater
Microwave oven
Miniature overcurrent breaker
Power or charger
Cooker hood
Electric stove
Electric shaver./electric clipper
Refrigerator / freezer
Leakage current device
Room heater
Sewing machine
Electric iron
Swimming pool equipment or wellness equipment
TV receiver
Therapeutic lamps
Mobile power tools
Vacuum cleaner
washing machine
Water bed heater
Water storage water heater


Electrical products exported to Australia must meet electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards. If they fail to meet the requirements, they will receive the following processing:
Detain or confiscate products;
Or a fine, the average individual is fined about $ 10,000, and the company is about $ 200,000.

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