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Nylon testing

Basic introduction

Professional nylon testing services, integrating industry resources, providing you with exclusive solutions, providing authoritative CMA / CNAS qualification testing reports around nearly a hundred subdivided testing projects in accordance with domestic and foreign standards.

Testing services

Nylon testing
Nylon rope, nylon socks, nylon cloth, nylon rod, nylon wheel, nylon board, nylon tile, nylon sleeve, helical gear, nylon gear sleeve, etc.

Test items

Enhanced PA: mechanical properties, dimensional stability, heat resistance, aging resistance
Flame retardant PA: mechanical properties, flame retardant, acid resistance, alkali resistance
Transparent PA: tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, light transmittance, surface hardness and other properties
Weather-resistant PA: dimensional stability, flame retardancy, low temperature performance, abrasion resistance, antistatic properties, heat resistance Nano nylon: molecular weight, surface-active super nylon: tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, abrasion resistance, Chemical resistance
PA nylon: tensile and compression resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, dimensional stability, fatigue strength and rigidity, moisture absorption. Cast nylon: mechanical properties, dimensional stability, heat resistance, aging resistance
Nylon 1010: Lubricity, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, brittle transition temperature, mechanical strength
Modified nylon: mechanical properties (strength, wear resistance and fatigue resistance), chemical resistance, electrical resistance, flame resistance, weather resistance, dimensional stability, thermal properties (glass transition temperature, melting point, thermal deformation temperature)
Aromatic nylon: brittleness temperature, Vicat softening temperature, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, self-extinguishing, antistatic
Nylon fiber: cleaning and stain resistance, melting point and elasticity, color fastness, color fastness
Key items: component analysis qualitative analysis quantitative analysis full component analysis principal component analysis composition distribution ratio formula analysis formula development

Testing standards

1GB 16331-1996 Hygienic standard for nylon 6 resin for food packaging materials
2HG / T 4182-2012 nylon 66 slice 切片
3SH / T 1498.1-1997 nylon 66 salt (confirmed in 2010)
4SH / T 1498.2-1997 Determination of nylon 66 salt ash (confirmed in 2010)
5SH / T 1498.3-1997 Determination of total volatile alkali content in nylon 66 salt (confirmed in 2010)
6SH / T 1498.4-1997 Determination of false nitric acid in nylon 66 salt (confirmed in 2010)
7SH / T 1498.5-1997 Determination of pseudodiaminocyclohexane content in nylon 66 salt UV spectrophotometry (confirmed in 2010)
8SH / T 1498.7-1997 Determination of UV index of nylon 66 salt UV spectrophotometry (confirmed in 2010)

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