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Chemical products and additives testing

Basic introduction

Chemical additives, especially chemical additives required by a certain industry, have a wide variety, including not limited to metal processing additives, plastic additives, paper additives, construction additives, water treatment additives, coating additives, leather additives Agents, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, etc.

Testing products

Rubber additives:
Various inorganic fillers, vulcanization aids (vulcanizing agents, cross-linking agents, accelerators, activators and scorch retarders) Protective aids (antioxidants, antiozonants, anti-cracking agents, light stabilizers, UV Light absorbers, harmful metal inhibitors, physical antioxidants, termite inhibitors, and mildew inhibitors) Reinforcing aids (carbon black, white carbon black, metal oxides, inorganic salts, resins) Process operation aids (peptides) , Solubilizers, plasticizers, softeners, leveling agents, lubricants, dispersants, tackifiers, release agents, mold release agents Pasting agents, wetting agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, coagulants, heat sensitizers, anti-webbing agents, preservatives, preservatives, flame retardants, antistatic agents, fragrances, etc.).
Plastic additives:
Plasticizers (phthalate plasticizers, etc.), heat stabilizers, antioxidants (158, 1010, etc.), light stabilizers, flame retardants, foaming agents, antistatic agents, antifungal agents, colorants, Brightener, filler, coupling agent, lubricant, release agent
Coating pigment additives:
Driers, tougheners, emulsifiers, thickeners, pigment dispersants, defoamers, leveling agents, anti-skinning agents, matting agents, light stabilizers, antifungal agents, antistatic agents, etc.
Adhesive additives:
Curing agents, crosslinking agents, initiators, photoinitiators, catalysts, accelerators, tougheners, tackifiers, plasticizers, thickeners, diluents, solvents, coupling agents, emulsifiers, enhancers, Fillers, flame retardants, polymerization inhibitors, oxidants, softeners, antioxidants (PAN, 6PPD) additives, dispersants, foaming agents, defoamers, bactericidal and preservative colorants, etc.
Other additives:
Antifreeze, cutting fluid, polymerization aid, surface treatment agent, snow melting agent, water reducing agent, whitening agent, release agent, rust inhibitor, catalyst, refrigerant, waterproofing agent, water treatment agent, additive, dearsenic agent , Desulfurizing agent, dechlorinating agent, mercury removal agent, urea for vehicles, etc.

Test items

Detection: purity, density, pH value, limiting viscosity, scale inhibition performance, corrosion inhibition performance, critical micelle concentration, interfacial tension, wetting force, iodine value, acid and alkali resistance, viscosity, activity test, specific surface area, air Volume, thermal stability, stability, cooling, corrosiveness, sealing, detection of harmful substances, moisture content, trace elements, etc.
Snow melting agent testing items: freezing point, PH value, snow melting capacity, dissolution speed, carbon steel corrosion rate, concrete corrosion rate experiment, road friction attenuation rate, five heavy metal detection, etc.
Analysis: composition analysis, formula analysis, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, chemical composition analysis, etc.

Testing standards

   GBT 1676-2008 plasticizer determination of iodine value
   GBT 1677-2008 Determination of epoxy value of plasticizer
   GBT 1670-2008 Plasticizer Thermal Stability Test
   GBT 1660-2008 Determination of kinematic viscosity of plasticizers
   GBT 1668-2008 Plasticizer acid value and acidity determination
   GBT 1669-2001 Determination of heating loss of plasticizer
   GB / T 1663-2001 Determination of crystallization point of plasticizer
   GB / T 1665-2008 Determination of saponification value and ester content of plasticizers
   ISO 176-2005 Plastics. Determination of plasticizer loss. Activated carbon method
   DIN EN ISO 176-2005 Plastics. Determination of plasticizer loss. Activated carbon method
   DIN EN 665-1995 Elastic floor coverings-Determination of exudation of plasticizers
   GB / T 23851-2009 snow melting agent detection (five kinds of heavy metals detection, freezing point, pH value, snow melting ability, dissolution speed, carbon steel corrosion rate, concrete corrosion rate experiment, road friction attenuation rate)

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