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Rubber tube inspection

Basic introduction

Professional rubber tube inspection and analysis service, for rubber tubes of various materials and uses, based on nearly a hundred performance indicators, according to various testing standards at home and abroad, provide exclusive testing solutions, short cycle, low cost, accurate data, report authority, You can trust it.

Testing services

Inspection by material
PVC polyvinyl chloride hose, PUR polyurethane hose, NR natural rubber hose, SBR oil-filled styrene-butadiene rubber hose, EPDM EPDM rubber hose, NBR acrylonitrile butadiene copolymer / nitrile rubber hose, CR neoprene polymerization Material / rubber hose, SI silicone rubber hose, UPE / XLPE cross-linked polyethylene hose, UPE ultra high molecular polyethylene hose, etc.
Detection by skeleton
Fabric hose, braided hose, winding hose, knitted hose, special hose, silicone hose, full rubber hose, suction hose, braided hose, knitted hose, short fiber hose, etc.
Testing by application
Water pipe, hot water pipe, steam pipe, marine pipe, food and beverage pipe, air pipe, welded pipe, gas pipe, ventilation pipe, material pipe, oil pipe, chemical pipe, high pressure pipe, air hose, automobile hose, transport pipe Water rubber hose, internal combustion engine hose, domestic gas pipe, steel wire rubber hose, steam rubber hose, oil transfer rubber hose, air conditioning rubber hose, cooling rubber hose, oil and gas rubber soft.

Test items

Finished product index: flat suction resistance, bending resistance, swelling resistance, electrochemical degradation resistance, oxidation induction time detection, ozone resistance, heat resistance, compression set, lubricant resistance, pressure vibration temperature test, external Diameter change, tear strength, performance change after thermal aging, oxidation resistant fuel, volume change rate, resistance to IRM 903 oil, burst pressure, low temperature flexural test after heating aging, quantity of extractables, tear resistance 、 Negative pressure resistance, bending resistance, deformation coefficient, surface contamination, brittle temperature, burst pressure, hydrostatic test, leak test, low temperature deflection test, minimum bending radius, interlayer adhesion performance, vacuum resistance, Pulse test, volume expansion, air permeability, abrasion resistance of outer cover.
Physical and chemical indicators: volatile matter, ash, Mooney viscosity, thermal stability, shear stability, vulcanization curve, Mooney scorch time, rubber thermal conductivity, rubber vapor transmission rate, rubber swelling index, rubber chemical metal, sulfur and Polymer, etc.
Mechanical properties: hardness, tensile properties, tear properties, compressive properties, bending properties, impact properties, friction properties, fatigue resistance, friction coefficient and abrasion properties, tensile shear strength, peel strength, tear strength, rubber and Single steel wire bonding strength, vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber and fabric bonding strength, etc.
Combustion performance: vertical combustion, horizontal combustion, smoke density, limiting oxygen index, flame spread rate, etc.
Electrical properties: surface resistance, surface resistivity, volume resistance, volume resistivity, breakdown voltage, dielectric strength, dielectric loss, electrostatic performance, etc.
Weather resistance test: aging test (ultraviolet, xenon lamp, carbon arc lamp, ozone), oil resistance and other liquid test, temperature shock, etc.

Testing standards

GB / T 18425-2001 Test method for steam rubber hose
HG / T 2184-2008 universal water conveying fabric reinforced rubber hose
GB / T 24144-2009 fire hose rubber and plastic suction hose and hose assembly
HG / T 2183-1991 dilute acid and alkali resistant rubber hose
HG / T 3043-2009 rubber hose for agricultural spraying
HG / T 3039-2008 rubber hose for ship / terminal oil transportation
GB / T 18947-2003 mining steel wire reinforced hydraulic hoses and hose assemblies
GB / T 20462-2006 thermoplastic non-reinforced hoses and hoses for automobiles
GB / T 24140-2009 Specification for rubber hoses and pure hoses for air and vacuum systems of internal combustion engines
GB / T 18948-2009 Specification for rubber hoses and pure hoses for internal combustion engine cooling systems (ISO 4081)
 GB / T 24140-2009 Specification for rubber hoses and pure hoses for air and vacuum systems of internal combustion engines (ISO 11424)
GB / T 24141.1-2009 Specification for rubber hoses and pure hoses for fuel lines of internal combustion engines. Part 1: Diesel fuel (ISO 19013-1)
 GB / T 24141.2-2009 Specification for rubber hoses and pure hoses for fuel lines of internal combustion engines. Part 2: Gasoline fuel (ISO 19013-2)

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