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American Toy Safety Test

Basic introduction

The Consumer Product Safety Association (CPSC) passed the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSIA) in 2008, placing many important regulatory responsibilities on manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and exporters of consumer products, especially toys and children's products. Toys and children's products entering the United States must comply with CPSIA product safety requirements and be tested by a CPSC-approved testing laboratory, and issue a Children's Product Certificate (CPC) or General Product Certificate (GPC) to demonstrate compliance with relevant federal regulations and mandatory safety Standards and, where feasible, attach permanent tracking information to the product and its packaging.
Beitest is an independent third-party testing and certification laboratory that is accredited by the CPSC. Our testing capabilities not only cover CPSIA requirements, but also extend to other regulatory testing requirements such as ASTM F963 for toys and children's products.

CPSIA test

Lead in the substrate (chapter 101 (a))
Lead in paint or surface coatings (chapter 101 (f))
8 phthalates (DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIBP, DPENP, DHEXP (DnHP), DCHP) (16 CFR 1307)

ASTM F963 test

Physical and mechanical testing
Fire test
Soluble heavy metal content
Total lead content
Soluble cadmium in small metal parts
Food Contact Material Testing (FDA / 21 CFR 170-189)
Hazardous Art Material Label (LHAMA-ASTM D4236)
Battery operated toy safety test
Filler cleanliness
Sound level test
Magnetic toy test
Toy cosmetics, liquids, pastes, putties, gels and powders

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