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Wireless charging QI certification

Certification Introduction

The Wireless Charging Alliance (referred to as: WPC Alliance) is a cooperative organization composed of multiple independent companies. The qi standard is an international standard established by WPC for compatible wireless charging docks. Mobile phones, cameras, remote controls and all electronic products with the qi logo will be compatible with all charging docks printed with the logo.


WPC Wireless Charging Alliance

In the field of wireless charging for commercial mobile phones, the WPC Alliance ’s qi standard has an absolute advantage. As of August, 628 companies worldwide have joined qi members, including Apple, Samsung, LG, haier and other internationally renowned companies.

The "qi" logo belongs to the WPC Alliance. To use this logo on wireless charging products, it must first be authorized by the WPC. If it is used without authorization, it will be punished by the WPC or the product will be removed from the shelves. In addition, after the wireless charging products are certified by Qi, the indicators meet the requirements of the Qi standard, which is also a guarantee of the quality of the product itself. Consumers who use products certified by Qi are obviously safer and more reliable than those who fail to pass the certification.

To apply for QI certification for a product, the company must first register as a WPC member and pay membership fees. Members include small business members, ordinary members, fully qualified members and founding members. Different members pay different membership fees and have different rights.

After the company applies to become a WPC member and pays the annual fee, it can apply for the "qi" logo use authorization, and send the company's corresponding documents to the qi headquarters. After passing the review, the authorization can be obtained.

At the same time, you can prepare 5 normal function prototypes (select wireless charging solutions that can pass qi certification, such as NXP, Xuxinsheng, Lingyang, Yichong, etc.) and send them to the domestic certification laboratory designated by WPC, such as Anzheng , SGS, Presace, etc., and then the solution company and the customer fill in the corresponding product model, WPC member name and certification type. Certified products are divided into two types: BPP (Baseline Power Profile) and EPP (Extended Power Profile) according to different load power. BPP covers products with output power less than or equal to 5W, and EPP includes products greater than 5W to 30W. After that, the test fee is paid. Domestic certification laboratories generally charge 25,000-30,000 RMB for BPP certification, and 150,000 RMB for EPP certification.

QI test content

1.Compliance test
ATL (Authorized Test Lab), there are currently many choices in China. One of at least 5 prototypes to be tested will be arranged for compliance testing. The compliance test samples will remain after passing the test ATL. The main test contents include:
A. Timing of communication protocol between transmitter and receiver;
B. Test the power output capability through the XYZ axis translation;
C. Maximum supply capacity for energy transmission;
D. Foreign Object Detection (FOD)

2.Compatibility test
There are only two Interoperability Test Centers (IOCs) in the world, namely Belgium in Europe and Korea in Asia.
After passing the compliance test, ATL will divide the other four of the test samples into two groups and send them to laboratories in Belgium and South Korea for compatibility testing projects. The two samples are left in the main IOC laboratory. Two remain in the secondary IOC laboratory. After the IOC laboratory completes the compatibility test, the inspector can perform the "confirmation completed" action on the official website. The product will be included on the WPC official website. Enter the official website and enter the product ID number to query. The tested product will be retained. On the Test Bed.
According to WPC requirements, all test samples need to be tested for compatibility with all previously certified samples. For example, the product tested is a wireless charging transmitter, then it needs to be done with all Qi-certified receivers (including mobile phones) of WPC Compatibility testing. According to the Qi test process, the product to be tested must be sent for compatibility testing after passing the compliance test. If the compatibility test fails, the sample needs to be taken back for rectification. After the rectification is completed, it cannot be sent directly for compatibility testing, but it needs to be tested again for compliance and compatibility testing.

QI certification cycle

According to the normal test time calculation, if there is no failure item in the product to be tested, it will take 4-5 weeks to pass all the test items at one time, plus some turnaround time, so the general certification cycle is 1.5-2 About a month.

According to WPC data, taking November in the peak of certification in 2017 as an example, a total of nearly 30% of the products tested failed the first compatibility test, and the EPP test samples had a first failure rate as high as 61.5%, even the BPP test, which is relatively common now, still has close to 20% failure rate.

Therefore, choosing a suitable solution before product development is of great help for subsequent certification. As a result of the continuous updating and optimization of Xuxinsheng's wireless charging solution, the passing rate of BPP certification has been greatly improved.

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