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Radiation test

Basic introduction

The test site can be divided into isolation rooms (including TEM / GTEM Cell and other EMC test rooms), anechoic chambers, and open area test sites (OATS).

Open field OATS

OATS is required to be flat and open, away from building landmarks, towers, wires, woods, underground cables and metal pipes, and the background of environmental electromagnetic interference should be small (such as the general electromagnetic compatibility standards and specifications require at least 6dB below the allowable limit value).

Anechoic chamber (semi-anechoic chamber, full-anechoic chamber)

First, the semi-anechoic chamber
It is used for EMC measurement and electromagnetic radiation sensitivity measurement. The main performance indicators are measured by normalized field attenuation (NSA) and test surface field uniformity (FU).
Minimum practical size anechoic chamber:
The size is about 7m * 3m * 3m, which is mainly used for RF immunity, emission estimation and free space emission testing. Suitable frequency is 26MHz-1GHz, suitable for small and medium enterprises to do internal testing.
3m anechoic chamber:
The size is about 9m * 6m * 6m. It is used for products with radio frequency immunity and emission test size below 2m. It is an experimental field widely used in the world instead of the open field.
10m method anechoic chamber:
The size is about 19m * 12m * 9m. It is used for RF immunity and emission testing, and is suitable for larger products. It is very expensive and can test other special equipment such as cars.

Second, the full anechoic chamber
Used to simulate the propagation environment of free space. It is mainly used for parameter measurement of microwave antenna system.
RS radiation immunity interference
Using a 3m full-anechoic chamber test site that can fully meet the latest standards, the test frequency is: 80MHz-6GHz; EFIELD STRENGTH can reach: 3V / m; 10V / m; 20V / m; field uniformity fully meets IEC61000-4- 3 requirements. The R & S TS9980 radio and television audio immunity test system can meet the requirements of different systems in different countries, such as: DVB-T, -H, -C, -S1, -S2, ATSC, DAB, etc.

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