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Children's shoes GB 30585-2014 test

Basic introduction

In recent years, competition in the children's shoes market has become increasingly fierce, and product quality problems are frequent. Chinese compulsory standard GB 30585-2014 "Children's Shoes Safety Technical Specification" has made clear specifications on the quality of children's shoes. With the increasingly strict national product quality supervision, how to ensure the quality of children's shoes and ensure that the products meet the requirements of GB 30585 Has become the key for many companies to win the market.
The entire content of the GB 30585-2014 "Safety Technical Specification for Children's Shoes" is mandatory. It is made of a variety of different materials and is intended for children 14 years of age and under (shoe size not greater than 250mm) for daily wear. The specification establishes mandatory regulatory requirements for physical safety, mechanical performance, odors, and limited substances.

Service Content

I. scope of application
Children's leather shoes, children's leather sandals, children's canvas shoes, children's rubber shoes, children's cloth shoes, children's plastic sandals, slippers, infant cloth shoes, children's rain boots, snow boots, etc. (for children 14 years of age and under [shoe size no greater than 250mm] daily wear Footwear)
([Remarks] 1. Infant and toddler shoes: shoe size no greater than 170mm, for infants 3 years and under; 2. Children's shoes: shoe size greater than 170mm but not more than 250mm, for children aged 3 to 14 years old Used shoes.)
Applicable objects
Footwear manufacturers, brands, distributors, importers
Third, technical standards
Chinese children's shoes mandatory national standard
Fourth, technical requirements
Physical and mechanical safety performance, odor and limited substances
Five, testing items
Leather identification, mechanical and physical safety, odor, formaldehyde, azo fuel, heavy metal lead, cadmium, arsenic, dimethyl fumarate, phthalate, N-nitrosoamine (rubber material for infant shoes )Wait
Six, sample requirements
2 pairs
Seven, detection cycle
5 working days

Technical requirements

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