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OFTA certification in Hong Kong

Hong Kong OFTA certification introduction

The full name of OFTA in Hong Kong is "the Office of the Telecommunications Authority", which is the Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority. OFTA certification is the abbreviation for Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority's certification of communications products in Hong Kong.

The purpose of OFTA certification is to ensure the safety of products used in Hong Kong and prevent telecommunications products from interfering with public networks. All telecommunications equipment that has been tested and meets relevant technical specifications and has been awarded a certificate by the Director of the Telecommunications Authority can be used in Hong Kong.


Certification classification

According to the Hong Kong Telecommunication Equipment Certification and Verification Plan, telecommunication equipment verification requirements are divided into voluntary verification plans (VCS) and mandatory verification plans (CCS). Applying for certification of telecommunications equipment under the voluntary certification scheme is voluntary. This type of equipment can be sold or used in Hong Kong even if it has not been verified to meet the relevant technical specifications. However, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors must ensure that their telecommunications equipment meets the relevant technical specifications even if they have not applied for verification. Public telecommunication network operators may refuse to connect customer indoor equipment that does not meet the specified specifications to their networks. In addition, anyone who uses or sells radio communications equipment that does not comply with the relevant HKTA specifications is in breach of the Telecommunications Ordinance (Cap. 106) and is subject to prosecution.

Under the mandatory verification plan, it is mandatory to request verification for telecommunications equipment. Before telecommunications equipment is used or sold in Hong Kong, it must be verified to meet one of the following specifications:
(1) the relevant HKCA specifications;
(2) Technical standards specified or approved by the Director of the Communications Bureau, if there is no relevant HKCA specification;
(3) The specifications equivalent to (1) or (2) above.
application process
OFTA certification process is divided into document identification and equipment identification
Document identification:
(1) Review the submitted technical specifications or manuals to verify whether the telecommunications equipment is likely to pass the corresponding equipment identification;
(2) Review the type certification certificate issued by other authorities and related test reports to verify whether the equipment needs to be identified;
(3) Review the test report submitted by the accredited testing agent to verify whether the equipment needs to be identified.

Equipment identification

(1) Testing of samples of telecommunications equipment in accordance with relevant HKTA specifications by certification bodies;
(2) Testing of telecommunication equipment samples in accordance with the relevant HKTA specifications or equivalent specifications according to recognized testing agents;
(3) Type approval for telecommunications equipment granted by other authorities in accordance with equivalent specifications of the HKTA specifications, together with related test reports.

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