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Battery PSE certification

Lithium-ion battery PSE certification
Since November 20, 2008, lithium-ion batteries have been included in the scope of NSPs. That is, secondary lithium-ion batteries with energy density exceeding 400 Wh / L (for mobile devices, desktop notebooks, etc.). The following lithium-ion batteries are excluded:
A: Lithium-ion batteries used in medical equipment, industrial equipment and automobiles;
B: The battery cannot be easily removed by being fixed to the product by welding or other methods;

C: Special structure battery

PSE circular test standard

JISC8711: secondary lithium battery
JIS C 8712: Used for portable sealed alkaline secondary battery box batteries-Safety requirements
JIS C 8714: Portable lithium-ion secondary batteries and battery packs for use in portable electronic equipment-safety

Battery PSE certification test range

1. Continuous low-rate charging
2. Vibration
3. Moulded case stress at high ambient temperature
4. Temperature cycling
5. Incorrect installation of a cell (nickel systems only)
6. External short circuit
7. Free fall
8. Mechanical shock
9. Thermal abuse
10. Crushing of cells
11. Low pressure
12. Overcharge for nickel systems
13. Overcharge for lithium systems
14. Forced discharge
15. Cell protection against a high charging rate (lithium systems only)
16. Free fall of batteries
17. External short circuit of batteries
18. Function of the overcharge protection of batteries
19. forced interal short-circuit test

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