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Paint inspection

Basic introduction

Beitest undertakes coating (coating / coating film), paint (paint film), pigment and related chemical material composition analysis, performance testing, aging test and formula restoration, paint formula analysis, paint composition analysis, paint testing and other testing services .
North Test is guided by the needs and development of paint technology, based on resource integration, technology sharing, and based on performance testing, formula analysis, and new material development. Promote the development of China's paint industry. Beitest paint testing laboratory involves paint composition analysis, paint formula analysis, paint formula analysis, paint testing, etc. The formal third-party testing laboratory can issue globally recognized test reports for product development reference or major e-commerce platforms . Provide you with technical support for your product process improvement, formula upgrade, sales channel expansion, etc.

scope of test

1 Natural lacquer (also known as national lacquer, large lacquer)
There are raw lacquer and cooked lacquer. Sky soil paint film is tough, good durability, acid and heat resistance, good gloss.
2 Oil paints and coatings
(1) Clear oil (common name cooked oil, fish oil). Made from refined dry oil with driers. Commonly used as waterproof or moisture-proof coating, and used to mix original paint and blend paint.
(2) Oily thick paint
(3) Oily blending paint
3 Resin paint
(1) Varnish (resin paint)
(2) Magnetic paint
(3) Lacquer (common name Lac)
(4) Spray paint (nitro paint)
(5) Reconcile lacquer. Blended with dry oils, pigments, solvents and driers.
Floor paint, insulation paint, electrophoretic paint, fluorocarbon paint, marine paint, wood paint, architectural paint, inorganic architectural paint for exterior wall, perchloride magnetic enamel, amino drying enamel, automotive topcoat / primer, railroad rolling stock Topcoats, thick paste alkyd paints for railway wagons, rust-proof primers for railway locomotives, alkyd enamels, electronic component paints, refrigerator enamels, nitro varnishes, nitro external enamels, alkyd varnishes, alcohols Acid blending paint, acrylic varnish, phenolic lacquer, nitro primer, perchloroethylene anticorrosive paint, aluminum powder silicone heat-resistant paint (two-component), epoxy ester drying electrophoresis paint, mica phenolic anti-rust Paint, alkyd drying insulation paint, zinc-rich primer, amino drying insulation paint, automotive paint coating, tintable latex base paint, polyesterimine dipping paint, heat curing dipping paint, fast curing energy-saving melamine alcohol Acid dip paint and so on.

Test items

Aging test
Life evaluation, life test, salt spray aging, high and low temperature cycling, light aging, ozone aging, artificial accelerated aging and other aging projects;
Formula reduction
It refers to analyzing the components, elements or raw materials of products or samples, also known as formula reduction.
Component analysis
The use of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods can accurately analyze the composition, element content and filler content of coatings;
Physical properties
State, appearance, transparency, whiteness, color, adhesion, viscosity, fineness, ash, pH value, flash point, density, hardness, volume solid content, nonvolatile content, storage stability, contrast ratio, outflow in the container Time, tackiness, fire safety, etc .;
Chemical properties
Weather resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, gasoline resistance, impact resistance, color bleeding, water resistance, damp heat resistance, volatile oil resistance, pollution resistance, salt spray resistance, coating temperature resistance, Stain resistance, scrub resistance, boiling water resistance, detergent resistance, solvent wiping resistance, etc .;
Construction performance
Hiding power, usage, consumption, drying time (surface drying, solid drying), paint film abrasiveness, leveling, sagging, paint film thickness (wet film thickness, dry film thickness), paint film heating test, wipe Grid test, etc .;
Hazardous substance detection
VOC, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, free TDI, PAHs, ethylbenzene, total xylene, free formaldehyde content, total TDI and HDI content, glycol ether, lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, heavy metal detection, EN71-3, ASTM F963, ROHS, etc .;
Electrical properties of paint
Conductivity, breakdown voltage or breakdown strength, insulation resistance, dielectric constant, dielectric loss.

Testing standards

GB / T5210-2006 Paints and varnishes
GB / T9286-1998 Paint and varnish
GB / T9753-2007 paint and varnish cup burst test
GB / T 23985-2009 Paints and varnishes. Determination of volatile organic compound (VOC) content. Difference method

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