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Bluetooth BQB certification

Certification Introduction

Bluetooth certification is also BQB certification. In short, if your product has Bluetooth function and the Bluetooth logo is marked on the appearance of the product, you must pass BQB certification. Bluetooth certification is a certification process that any product using Bluetooth wireless technology must go through. The Bluetooth wireless technology defined in the Bluetooth system specification allows short-range wireless data connections between devices.

The product has a Bluetooth function and the Bluetooth logo is marked on the appearance of the product. It must pass the Bluetooth BQB (Bluetooth Qualification Body) certification.

Standard reference
The Bluetooth certification procedure reference document is a standard reference for the product certification process.
Members of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group have a royalty free right to use Bluetooth wireless technology in the product list of the Bluetooth Certified Product List (QPL). Bluetooth SIG members are free.
The Bluetooth QPL lists all licensed Bluetooth finished products, subsystems, components and development tools. The products listed in the QPL are specifically licensed by Bluetooth certification bodies (BQBs) distributed around the world. Any BQB can evaluate, certify, and list any product certified. Joining BQB early can minimize product development time and costs.
The Bluetooth product certification policy, as documented in the PRD, was developed by the Bluetooth Certification Evaluation Board (BQRB), which is elected by representatives from nine Bluetooth SIG sponsor companies. The certification process is the responsibility of the Bluetooth Certification Administrator (BQA), which represents BQRB's interests.
BQRB recognizes individual Bluetooth certification bodies (BQBs) and authorizes them to certify and list products. BQRB also recognizes qualified Bluetooth Certified Test Equipment (BQTFs) for the effective execution and reporting of Class A test results (see the certification process description for more detailed information). BQRB also recognizes Bluetooth technology evaluators, who will evaluate and recommend BQTF candidates.

Bluetooth BQB certification process


Bluetooth BQB certification cycle and sample requirements

1) Certification cycle: 1-2 weeks;
2) Number of samples: 2 finished products, 2 engineering prototypes (entered BQB test mode).

Bluetooth BQB certification body

Bluetooth community
The Bluetooth Certification Body (BQB) is a group authorized by BQRB to provide services to members who need to obtain Bluetooth product certification. Members receive certification services directly through BQB. BQB is responsible for checking non-compliance statements and documents, evaluating product test reports, and listing products in the official database of Bluetooth authorized products. The BQB must be a member of the Bluetooth SIG or an employee of the Bluetooth SIG. BQB is an independent individual and does not need to be affiliated with the testing organization and manufacturer.
The BQB certification mark is:


Testing agency
The Bluetooth Certification Testing Agency (BQTF) is officially approved by BQRB and can complete the "Class A" Bluetooth certification conformance test identification in the test case reference list (TCRL). The authority of the BQTF role is described in Section 4.3.3 of the Bluetooth Certification Procedures Reference Document (PRD). Members can use BQTF directly for testing services. Generally, BQTF can also provide additional Bluetooth test services.
Ability range

1. RF conformance test, including RF, baseband and physical test specifications.
2. Protocol and profile conformance tests, including baseband, link management, L2CAP and profile conformance test specifications.
BQTF conformance test capability can refer to the test instance status and capability page. Information on BQTF certification processes and standards can be found on the BQTF applicants page.
Qualification authorization

The task of the Bluetooth Technology Assessor (BTA) is to represent the Bluetooth Certification Evaluation Board (BQRB) on the technical capabilities of the testing organization appointed for Bluetooth conformance testing and later authorized by the Bluetooth SIG company as a Bluetooth Qualified Test Equipment (BQTF) Evaluation.
The steps and criteria for becoming an authorized BTA are described on the BTA application page.

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