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Coating Life Evaluation Test

Basic introduction

Byen Testing provides professional coating life assessment testing services. By simulating various typical or severe natural environments, the paint aging test is performed, and the test results are obtained within the northern test time, and the service life of the paint is inferred.

Testing services

Factors affecting paint life
(1) Intrinsic factors: the chemical structure, aggregate structure and coating formulation conditions of the main chemical substances of the coating;
(2) External factors: physical factors, including heat, light, high-energy radiation, and mechanical stress;
(3) Chemical factors: including the effects of oxygen, ozone, water, acid, and alkali;
(4) Biological factors: such as the role of microorganisms and insects.
Environmental factors affecting coating life
There are three main environmental factors that cause coating aging: solar radiation (light energy), temperature, and moisture (humidity). These factors, combined with secondary factors such as air pollutants, biological phenomena, and acid rain, can cause the coating to age.
Laboratory Coating Life Evaluation Test
There are two main methods for conducting paint aging tests: one is to perform aging tests under typical or severe natural environments, such as atmospheric aging tests, soil tests, and seawater tests; and the other is to use laboratory equipment to simulate specific tests. Environmental conditions, and strengthen certain factors as needed, the test results obtained during the northern test period, mainly for solar radiation, temperature, humidity, harmful gases, mold.

Test items

The environment in which the coating is used outdoors is salt spray, humid heat, light aging, chemical corrosion, etc. Life estimation should be able to take into account the various influencing factors in the real environment as far as possible, and then perform comparison work between the indoor corrosion accelerated test and outdoor exposure test to find out the correlation between them.

Testing standards

GB / T 30790.6 Paints and varnishes. Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective coating systems. Part 6: Test methods for laboratory performance
ISO 12944-6 Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint and varnish systems. Part 6: Test methods for laboratory performance
GB / T 1735 Paints and varnishes-Determination of heat resistance
GB / T 1766 Rating methods for paint and varnish coating ageing
GB / T 1771 Paints and varnishes-Determination of resistance to neutral salt spray
GB / T 1865 Paints and varnishes Artificial weathering and artificial radiation exposure Filtered xenon arc radiation
GB / T 23987 Paints and varnishes Artificial weathering exposure of coatings Exposure to fluorescent ultraviolet light and water
GB / T 31588.1 Paints and varnishes. Determination of resistance to cyclic corrosion environments. Part 1: Wet (salt spray) / dry / moisture
GB 9274 Paints and varnishes-Determination of resistance to liquid media

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