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DOE certification

DOE certification profile

The Department of Energy (DOE) is short for DOE. The DOE certification was issued by the DOE in accordance with US energy efficiency regulations, and this is the source of the DOE certification.
DOE issued DOE certification, its main purpose is to save energy and reduce emissions, help users save electricity, so as to achieve the reduction of energy demand, reduce the greenhouse effect and other related functions. Now all products in the scope of DOE certification need to meet the requirements of the latest laws and regulations.

DOE certification standards and regulations

US federal regulations: 10CFR429 and 10CFR430;
Among them, 10CFR429 specifies the sample selection and reporting specifications;
10CFR430 specifies test methods and compliance declaration specifications.

Products covered by DOE certification

Battery Chargers: Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, sports bracelets, mobile phones, tablets, car DVDs, MP3, MP4 and other products with small capacity batteries;
External Power Supplies (power adapters): Chargers for mobile phones, tablets, etc. that are commonly used; the current DOE mandatory requirements for power adapters meet Level 6 energy efficiency requirements;
Television Set;
Ceiling Fans;
Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps;
Clothes Dryers;
Cloths Washers;
Computer and Battery Backup Systems;
Direct heating Equipment;
Furnace Fans;
Hearth Products;
Kitchen Ranges and Ovens;
Microwave Ovens;
Miscellaneous Refrigeration;
Pool Heaters;
Portable Air Conditioners;
Refrigerators and Freezers;
Room Air Conditioners;
Set-Top Boxes;
Water Heaters;

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