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Electric toothbrush test certification

Basic introduction

The electric toothbrush is a relatively new product. The new product only in recent years has become a new technology product for oral health care. Compared with ordinary toothbrush, electric toothbrush is more scientific and effective. It can remove dental plaque more thoroughly and reduce oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. It is also a daily necessities that are generally popular in many countries in Europe and the United States. The electric toothbrush causes high-frequency vibration of the brush head through the rapid rotation or vibration of the motor core, which instantly breaks down the toothpaste into fine foam and cleans the teeth deeply. With the popularity of products, the quality inspection report of electric toothbrushes has also become a passport to enter the market. When electric toothbrushes enter Tmall Mall, they also need to submit a quality inspection report that meets the requirements; product inspection also requires a quality inspection report. The third-party testing and appraisal agency designated by the North Testing and Inspection City can provide you with the CNAS and CMA electric toothbrush quality inspection reports.

Electric toothbrush quality inspection project

1. Product labeling and description: first wipe with water for 15 seconds, then wipe with gasoline for 15 seconds, the content is still clearly visible.
2. Appearance and structure inspection: The product should be smooth, clean, and consistent in color, and there should be no obvious scratches, cracks, or deformations on the surface. The surface coating should not be blistering or cracking. The text, graphics, and symbols that describe the function are clear and correct, and the protection level of the product enclosure should reach the IP20 level specified in GB4208.
3. Input test: The deviation of the power from the rated power should not exceed the range specified in the standard at the normal operating temperature. 4. Functional inspection: The sample is an electric toothbrush, which can work normally, and functions related to the requirements of customers.
5. Temperature rise test: In normal use of the sample, the external temperature rise does not exceed the limit specified in Chapter 11 of GB4706.1-2005.
6. Dielectric strength and absolute resistance: It shall meet the requirements of Chapter 13 of GB4706.1-2005: Class l products: 500v / 60s without flashover and breakdown.
7, failure test: short circuit or open circuit to components, there should be no dangerous phenomenon.

Procedure for handling electric toothbrush quality inspection report

1. Submit an electric toothbrush quality inspection application to Beitest. We will send you an application form to fill in, and you can fill in and submit according to the product attributes.
2. Negotiate electric toothbrush testing costs, cycle and other issues
3. For inspection, send the electric toothbrush to Beitest Testing Lab
4. An electronic report will be provided for your inspection.
5. Send the report to you

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