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Wireless Charging Test Certification (WPC) Service

Basic introduction

With the release of mobile phones and wearable devices equipped with WPC, more and more consumers understand the wireless charging function and are willing to try the convenience brought by these black technologies. How to quickly obtain WPC certification and bring products to market has become the focus of manufacturers' attention.
With a global network of technical support platforms, Beitest has core competitiveness in this field, and we can provide enterprises with a comprehensive one-stop solution for wireless charging test certification (WPC).

Business challenge

In recent years, the global economy has continued to operate at a low speed, while laws and regulations and corresponding enforcement of laws and regulations established by various countries regarding the safety of electronic and electrical products have become increasingly strict. How to stand out from the competition in the market and turn challenges into opportunities is a common issue for related electronics and electrical companies.
As of March 8, 2018, obtaining WPC certification must comply with V1.2.4. In the new version, only the BPP and EPP types are retained; in the old version V1.2.3, the BPP + FOD with ambiguous definitions is cancelled. This means that starting from V1.2.4, products with power over 5W need to meet all the items in the EPP test.
So, does your product need to meet WPC requirements? If you have n’t understood the WPC test requirements, want to know the WPC test requirements, or you have n’t obtained the test report, please feel free to consult us, and Beijing Test will fully assist you.

Service Content

Beitest provides Qi compliance testing and pre-compliance testing for enterprises to help them enter the target market smoothly.
Product Range
Wireless charging products (Qi protocol transmitter and receiver)
standard test
Qi Compliance Test Part III (Version 1.2.4)
Testing items / legal requirements
Qi compliance test and compatibility pre-test

Our advantage

common problem

Is it easy to register as a WPC member program?
For specific registration procedures, please refer to the WPC official website. In addition, our laboratory has specialized personnel to provide you with assistance and support and problem resolution services during the registration process.

What will happen if the final information is not confirmed within 60 days after the compatibility test is completed?
The final information confirmation is to make the product publicly visible in the WPC product registration database. The final information confirmation step must be completed within 60 days after the compatibility test is completed. If this step is not completed within 60 days, the product will be removed from the completed compatibility test database. If the customer wants to continue the QI certification of this product, the compatibility test needs to be re-tested.

If the WPC membership expires in one year, what will the official website do with the QI certified products? What can a company do to continue to maintain its right to use it?
If the company's membership expires, the company's QI logo use right will be immediately and automatically terminated, and the company's registered and certified QI products will also be removed from the WPC official website database. The company must immediately stop using the QI logo. If you want to continue using it, the company must pay the same annual fee as before to continue to maintain its right to use.

Problems you may encounter when registering as a WPC member:
1. When registering, please select the latest version, for example, the current version is 1.2.4;
2. The application form of the registered member and the paper document of the QI trademark use agreement can be sent to the United States at the same time;
3. Type Number can only write one model at a time, or if the model name of the series is ABCx (x = 0-9), it means 10 models, which only represent different colors.
4. Transmitter Design refers to the design type of the coil, such as A11, A11a, etc .;
5. Power Profile For low power applications, please select Basic Power Profile; for medium power applications, please select Extended Power Profile;
6. Power Transmitter Manufacturer Code: Fill 0x0000 for low-power transmitter products, fill in the code given by the manufacturer's own WPC for low-power receivers, and medium-power transmitters; Potential Power Level (Watt): low-power Enter 5 for products and 5 to 15 for medium power products.

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