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CE Declaration of Conformity

CE Declaration of Conformity

What is CE Declaration of Conformity?

CE certification is the pass for products to enter the EU market. Electronic and electrical products must obtain CE certification and bear the CE certification mark on the product. CE certification mode includes three types.

(1) Declaration of conformity / Declaration of compliance issued by the company. This certificate is a self-declaration and should not be issued by a third party (intermediary or testing and certification agency). Therefore, you can use the EU format. Enterprise "Conformity Declaration" instead.

(2) Certificate of compliance / Certificate of compliance. This is a declaration of conformity issued by a third party (intermediary or testing certification agency). It must be accompanied by technical information such as test reports, TCF, and the company must also sign Declaration of Conformity.

(3) EC Attestation of conformity. This is a certificate issued by the Notified Body of the European Union (Notified Body). According to EU regulations, only NB is eligible to issue an EC Type CE declaration.

CE Declaration of Conformity

EU / Declaration of Conformity-Declaration of Conformity is a written statement and formulated by the manufacturer to certify that the product bears the CE mark and has produced a declaration in compliance with EU requirements. The declaration shall apply to all Community Acts that apply to the product and contain all the information needed to determine the Community coordination legislation relevant to the declaration. This statement must cover one or more manufactured products, clearly identified by product name, product code, or other clear means. If the manufacturer is located outside the European Union, it must be retained by the manufacturer or its European authorized representative.

Declaration of basic requirements

1. Display compliance with new electromagnetic compatibility and low voltage directive dates;
2. The display complies with the new EN or BS standards;
3. Include the name of the manufacturer;
4, including product, trademark or model;
5. Including binding signatures and stamps from authorized representatives of the European Union;
6. Six-sided pictures of products and packaging show mandatory markings.

What products require CE Declaration of Conformity

All products that are required to bear the CE safety certification mark need to conform to the standard declaration. In the EU market, the CE safety certification mark is a compulsory certification mark. Whether it is a product produced by an EU company or a product produced in another country, in order to freely circulate on the EU market, it must be affixed with the "CE" mark. For e-commerce For sellers, it should be noted that electronic products, toys, sunglasses and mechanical fitness equipment are required to be affixed with the mark.

Application process

1. Identify applicable directives and unified standards for products;
2. Identify the special requirements for the product in each directive;
3. Determine whether it is necessary for the product to be submitted to the EU designated agency for conformity assessment;
4. Test the product to make sure it is qualified;
5. Edit the technical file. Note that each instruction has different requirements for the technical file.

When do you need a declaration of conformity

Legally, a DoC needs to be made the first time a product is sold. In practice, DoC is mainly used when customs enter EC land. In addition, the authorities (market surveillance) will report to
Manufacturers and importers issue opinions to produce DoC in the event of an accident or interference problem. If you produce OEM products, DoC may promote your customers' acceptance of your products.


CE certification can use self-declaration for most products. At this time, the manufacturer or its EU authorized representative must sign a "Self Declaration of Conformity". The content of the declaration of conformity varies according to different directives. It should be noted that the declaration of conformity must be prepared in accordance with the directive. If there are two applicable directives for a product, two declarations of conformity should be prepared and signed separately.

Many companies think that the CE mark can be used to obtain the CE certificate of a testing or certification body, which is a misunderstanding. Since it is a self-declaration, the company itself is responsible for using the CE mark. The CE certificate issued by a third-party agency is only an indirect proof. However, if the CE certificate is issued by a European Union Notified Body, it is not necessary to issue a self-declaration.

It is not enough to just sign the declaration of conformity. The manufacturer must also submit a technical organization file TCF (Technical Construction File), including test reports, product technical descriptions, circuit diagrams and other technical documents or technical files to prove that the product is technically in compliance with the directive required. It is also important to prepare a technical file that meets the requirements. The fee charged by the EU designated agency to prepare the TCF for the customer is the same as the cost of issuing the certificate (excluding the testing fee).

After the manufacturer signs a declaration of conformity and attaches a TCF that meets the requirements, the manufacturer can use the CE mark on the product. At present, many CE certificates are not recognized by European customers or regulatory agencies, mainly due to the lack of understanding of the CE mark system.

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