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Automotive Coating Plating Material Testing

Basic introduction

Testing of automotive coatings and electroplating materials includes various surface properties and reliability tests for trim, paint and electroplated parts.

Service Content

Test object
Door panels, interior and exterior trim, interior and exterior trim frames, bumpers, deflectors
Test items and standards
1. Coating thickness-ISO 2808
2. Adhesion of paint film-ISO 2409
3. Linear wear-ISO 105 X12
4. Scratch resistance-ISO 1518-1
5. Crushed Stone Impact
6. Lighting-SAE J2412
7. Pencil hardness-ISO 15184
8. Salt spray-NSS ISO 9227: 2017
9. Copper ion corrosion-CASS-ISO 9227: 2017
10. Cyclic salt spray corrosion
11. Resistance to cleaning agents
12. Accelerating Environmental Aging

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