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Japan TELC certification

Introduction of Japanese TELEC certification

Japan ’s certification for radio frequency equipment is called Radio Equipment Type Approval. The official regulatory agency is Japan ’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC). The main certification body is TELEC (Telecom Engineering Center) designated by MIC. / JQA / SGS / ITS / TUV / UL has a total of 12 certification agencies, so it is also commonly known as TELEC certification, also known as MIC certification, RF certification, GITEKI certification, technology adaptation certification, similar to domestic SRRC certification.

TELEC certification complies with the Radio Law of Japan, and the specific test specifications are in compliance with MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) Notice No. 88 regulations. According to the requirements of the Japanese Radio Law, the production, sale, and operation of wireless equipment in Japan must comply with the technical regulations approved by the MIC, and it is mandatory to apply for a type approval certificate for radio equipment (ie, TELEC certification).

Basic information of TELEC certification
Whether mandatory: compulsory certification
Factory inspection requirements: No requirements, but ISO certificates or recognized quality control documents are required
Certificate holder requirements: no requirements

Certificate validity: None

Certification cycle: about 4 weeks
Technical information: voltage frequency AC 100V / 200V, 50Hz / 60Hz, plug JIS 8303

Explanation of TELEC certification, GITEKI certification, MIC certification and MARK technical certification
· TELEC certification and GITEKI certification
The full name of Japan ’s TELEC is TELECom Engineering Center. It is a certification agency for the Radio Law approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. In 2014, TELEC also obtained the certification of the Electrical Communications Business Law. Now, in general terms, TELEC certification is equivalent to GITEKI certification .

· TELEC certification and MIC certification
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan is referred to as MIC, and its English name is Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is the regulatory agency of Japan's Radio Law and Electrical Communications Business Law. In general, MIC certification is equivalent to TELEC certification.

· TELEC certification and MARK technology certification
After passing the TELEC certification, the product can be printed with the GITEKI logo. GITEKI is derived from the Japanese name for certification: "Technical マ ー ク", the Japanese word Giroki spelling GITEKI, so GITEKI certification is also known as GITEKI certification, Technical fitness certification is just a different name.

Certification classification

TELEC certification includes Test Certification and Type Certification. Test certification is verification for each equipment unit, and the certification is valid only for each verified equipment unit;
Type certification refers to the verification of samples of a batch of equipment that is also designed and manufactured. The certification is valid for the batch of equipment, but if the design or manufacturing of the equipment changes, the equipment will need to be recertified.

It is worth noting that the use of non-low-power radio stations and their terminal equipment requires a license from the MIC. In addition, there are two cases for the compliance certification of telecommunication terminal equipment:
· For ordinary telephone devices, JATE certification is required as required by the Telecommunications Business Law;
· For wireless terminal equipment, in addition to JATE certification required by the Telecommunications Business Law, TELEC certification is required according to the Radio Law.

Applicable product range

TELEC certification for wireless RF products includes: Bluetooth products, ZigBee products, telemeters, WiFi products, wireless microphones, pagers, LTE · RFID (2.4GHz, 920MHz) products, UWB radio systems, GSM products, etc.
application process
1. Fill in the application form, prepare materials and samples
2.The inspection agency reviews the data and initially tests the samples
3.The testing agency formally applies to the agency accredited by the MIC of the General Affairs Department.
4. Institutional review documents
5. Sample test, provide test report (can be tested by authorized laboratory)
6. After the documents and test reports are passed, the Japanese MIC issues a certificate

Application materials

1.Technical model specification table
2.Quality Management System Statement
3.Quality control confirmation method or manufacturer's ISO 9001 certificate
4.Confirmation Letter of Construction Guarantee
5.Rated power statement
6.Antenna report
7.Test report including test results, test setup photos and inspections performed)
(8.Block diagram, schematic diagram, bill of materials, parts placement, IC data sheet, internal and external photos, product description, user manual, operation / technical description, accessories description)
9.Label information (label position, label content)
10. If you act as an agent or authorized representative, the manufacturer also needs a letter of attorney / authorization letter

Certificate information


Certification fee

The cost of TELEC certification varies according to the product and function. For example, the product has Bluetooth, WIFI function, 2.4GHz function, the number of functions is different, the cost is different, and even the Bluetooth single-mode and dual-mode are different, the cost is different. Specific TELEC certification fees need to be quoted after evaluation. Most of the TELEC certification quotes for common products start from 10,000 yuan.


Bluetooth and WIFI product test requirements

The test certification is to verify each equipment unit, the certification is only valid for each verified equipment unit; the test items of WiFi and Bluetooth products are basically similar to the European standard EN300 328. Among them, 2.4GHz WiFi products (802.11b / g, 2412 ~ 2472 MHz) and Bluetooth products use the standard MIC Notice No.88 Annex43, but for 2.4GHz WiFi products 14 channels (Channel 14: 2471 ~ 2497MHz) need to use Annex44 for testing and reporting, The corresponding fees also need to be increased. For 5GHz WiFi products (802.11a, 5180 ~ 5320MHz, W52 Band and W53 Band), the test standard is Annex45, but it should be noted that the MIC will modify the Annex45 in the near future, and the 5.6GHz device (Band W56) will also be modified. It belongs to Annex45 and has stricter DFS test requirements for Band 56 band.

Bluetooth product test content
1. Frequency Error Measurement
2, coupling bandwidth / carrier frequency bandwidth test (Occupied Bandwidth and Spread-spectrum Bandwidth / Factor)
3. Unwanted Emission Intensity Measurement
4. Antenna Power Error Measurement
5, receiver spurious disturbance test (Limitation of Collateral Emission of Receiver Measurement)
6. EIRP Antenna Power Test (Transmission Antenna Gain (EIRP Antenna Power) Measurement)
7, 3dB lobe bandwidth test (Transmission Radiation Angle Width (3dB Beamwidth) Measurement)
8. Duty Cycle Measurement
9. Retention time test

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