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Philippines NTC certification

Introduction of Philippine NTC Certification

Philippine National Telecommunications Commission NTC stands for National Telecommunications Commission and is responsible for the regulation of wireless and telecommunication services in the Philippines. All wireless and telecommunications products entering the Philippine market must obtain Philippine NTC certification.


Basic Information of Philippines NTC Certification
Certification category: compulsory certification
Sample requirements: N / A
Local test: N / Arewrewrwe
Whether the factory inspection: not required
Local Representative: Yes
The application cycle takes about 3-4 weeks

Certification classification

There are two types of NTC certification: Type Approval and Type Acceptance:
1. Type Approval is targeted at telecommunication products such as telephones and fax machines.
2. Type Acceptance targets wireless products.
NTC accepts CE, FCC, IC, C-tick and other standard EMC & RF & TELECOM test reports and obtains CB or NB recognition safety report.

Applicable product range

NTC certification is a wireless certification in the Philippines. For telecommunications equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment, the existing mandatory specifications for mobile communication products were expanded to wireless related products.

Application information

1.Fill in the application form and power of attorney
2. The client signs back the authorization and submits the relevant test report
3. Submit an official application
4. Official review and send an audit email to the report issuing laboratory
5, issue a certificate

Application materials

1. Application
2. Power of Attorney
3. Product manual
4. If using an approved module, please provide the module NTC certificate
5.Test report
a.RF test report: 2G, 3G, LTE, WLAN, RFID, BT, ANT + wigig, etc.
b. RF-EMC test report
c. EMC test report
d. Safety report (CE-LVD report accepted for short-distance communication SRD products)

e.SAR report-(mobile phone and WWAN tablet)

1. Except for the RF report, other test reports shall be based on the final product;
2. For the RF report, the RF report of the module can replace the RF report of the final product;
3. Priority of radio frequency part: Module NTC certificate> FCC report> CE report.

Certificate information


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