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Large power battery testing

Basic introduction

Lithium power batteries are the main force in power batteries. As a new high-energy battery successfully developed in the 20th century, lithium power batteries have been widely used in military and civilian small appliances. At present, lithium batteries need to pass the UN38.3 test before they can be transported in air transportation. However, lithium batteries have the characteristics of large volume and large capacity, so it is easy to cause transportation inconvenience. In order to facilitate the majority of lithium power battery manufacturers and distributors, Beitest has specially launched a large-scale power battery testing project that can be more than 100V.
Battery testing and consulting services
Beitest Group provides battery UN, IEC, UL, GB, EN and other safety tests and safety tests in accordance with UN38.3, UL1642, UL2054, IEC62133, IEC61960, QB / T2502 SN / T1414.3, IEEE1725, UL60950 GB18287 and other standards carry out testing.

Specific testing items include

■ Height simulation
■ Temperature test
■ Vibration
■ Impact
■ External short circuit
■ Impact
■ Overcharge
■ Forced discharge
■ Extrusion
■ Acupuncture
■ Insulation resistance test
■ Cycle life

Continuously expand newer battery testing services

Our advantage

Beitest Battery Lab has a highly educated and experienced technical team equipped with safety inspection instruments and equipment that almost cover batteries such as lithium batteries, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, batteries, power batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells.
Large-scale power battery testing projects, testing various power batteries, such as power vehicle batteries, electric road vehicle batteries, power tool batteries, hybrid vehicle batteries, etc.

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