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Coin cell battery testing and certification

Basic introduction

Button cell (button cell) is also called button cell, which refers to a battery with a small button shape. Generally speaking, it has a larger diameter and a thinner thickness (compared to cylindrical batteries such as AA batteries on the market). Button batteries are divided into batteries according to their appearance. The equivalent batteries are classified into cylindrical batteries, square batteries, and special-shaped batteries.
Button batteries are generally charged and non-rechargeable.The rechargeable ones include 3.6V rechargeable lithium-ion button batteries (LIR series) and 3V rechargeable lithium-ion button batteries (ML or VL series). Charging includes 3V lithium manganese button batteries (CR series) and 1.5V alkaline zinc manganese button batteries (LR and SR series).
The more common button batteries are AG3, AG10, AG13 batteries for toys and gifts, batteries on computer motherboards, model CR2032 for CR2025 in electronic dictionaries, CR2016 or SR44, SR626 for electronic watches.

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