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Polyurethane detection

Basic introduction

Polyurethane material is the most common non-metallic material for daily use, and the quality of its material properties directly affects the use effect. Therefore, according to the application conditions of specific needs, performance testing of polyurethane is very necessary.

Testing services

Polyurethane detection
The testing items are generally used as paving materials, track and field track materials, racetracks, park ground materials, thermal insulation window frames, etc.
Polyurethane coating testing
The testing items are used for furniture coatings, building material coatings and industrial printing inks.
Polyurethane adhesive testing
Testing items are mainly used in packaging, construction, wood, automotive, shoemaking and other industries.
Polyurethane foam testing
The test items are used for building insulation materials, insulation materials (insulation of pipeline facilities, etc.), daily necessities (mats for beds, sofas, etc., insulation layers for refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., and core materials for surfboards), and Means of transportation (cushions, ceilings, etc. of automobiles, airplanes, railway vehicles).

Test items

Physical and chemical indicators: appearance, particle size, apparent density, density, water absorption, mold shrinkage, viscosity, light transmittance, chromaticity, haze, solid content, volatile content, toxic and hazardous content, monomer residue , PH value, acid value, hydrolysis acid value, hydroxyl value, degree of crosslinking, chlorine content, etc.
Mechanical properties: tensile strength and elongation, tensile elastic modulus, flexural strength, flexural elastic modulus, compressive strength, cantilever impact strength, simply supported beam impact strength, shear strength, tear strength, peel strength, Penetration performance, Shore hardness, Rockwell hardness, ball indentation hardness, drop hammer impact, resistance to environmental stress cracking
Thermal properties: melting point, oxidation induction time, melt flow rate, thermal deformation temperature, Vicat softening temperature, linear expansion coefficient, oxygen index, thermal stability, softening point, etc.
Electrical properties: dielectric constant, dielectric loss factor, volume resistivity, surface resistivity, etc.
Weather resistance: aging test (ultraviolet, xenon lamp, carbon arc lamp, etc.), salt spray test (neutral salt spray, acid salt spray), liquid resistance test (water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, organic solvent resistance, oil resistance Etc.), heat aging, etc.

Testing standards

● GB / T 11115 polyethylene resin test standard
B / T 12670 Polypropylene (PP) resin testing standard
● HG / T 2002 Testing Standard for Perchloroethylene Resin for Coatings
● GB / T 13657 Bisphenol A epoxy resin test standard
● GB / T 24395 Testing Standard for Adsorbent Resin for Food Industry
● HG / T 2002 Testing Standard for Perchloroethylene Resin for Coatings
● GB / T 13940 Polyacrylamide Testing Standard

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